With these 5 tricks you can get the most out of FaceTime

FaceTime features.  (photo: tusexpertosapps.com)
FaceTime features. (photo: tusexpertosapps.com)

One of them applications designed, unloaded por Apple and more used by users FaceTime. Además, no hace mucho, la compañía con sede en Cupertino le dio un soplo de ares fresco al integrar new features. By the way, Infobae has an article to show you which are 5 best.

FaceTime is the application that will use the Apple City of the United States to realize video games with other people who also have dispositivos the products of the Cupertino company. There is no account with the real surprising features that Apple, in one of its latest updates, introduction of a series of major que, sin duda, han convertido a esta application in one of the best alternatives for virtual reunions. For example, it is possible to enter passages to find out how to use FaceTime.

How to use FaceTime

In order to communicate with FaceTime, the user is given a question that is really sensible. This is the best communication in this application better quality and fluidity. Además no requiere qua se disponga de una cuenta especial o un nombre de pantalla.

Simply, you want the information from the person’s contact with the person to initiate a conversation or accept a call. For that, he has the number of call the electronic direction management of this person. To help him follow the details that go into detail:

1. Open FaceTime at Apple’s disposal.

2. Pulsar about the barbed wire in the upper central part of the pants.

3. Write the number of the contact with the person you are communicating with.

4. Now, pulse about this contact.

5. For the last time, start watching the video icon, located in the extreme right.

Initiate a video upload to FaceTime.  (photo: iPadizate)
Initiate a video upload to FaceTime. (photo: iPadizate)

The 5 best features of FaceTime

– FaceTime is not only for Apple devices

One of the most common features that surprised all users when Apple announced that users who do not have Apple devices available to receive a facelift from FaceTime which compares the organizer of this meeting.

This is a very helpful way to increase the number of opportunities in which you can use this service to make a video, but to find some people who do not have access to the logo with the logo of the dead man.

FaceTime multidisciplinary compatibility.  (photo: ComputerHoy.com)
FaceTime multidisciplinary compatibility. (photo: ComputerHoy.com)

– Comparing the pants

The ability to share the amount of money you have in this application is very difficult, but for the most part it is very difficult.

Además, en est caso no solo se podrá compartir la pantalla de la computerbut what the company of Cupertino also said to share your pants iPhone o iPadwhich results in a very practical, all the opportunities in which you want to explain how to realize an action in these dispositives.

Compatible with FaceTime.  (photo: YouTube)
Compatible with FaceTime. (photo: YouTube)

– El uso de Memojis

A feature that is very diversified and that FaceTime is very dynamic and different and is very popular Memojis.

It’s completely covered with roast y haran los mismos gestos que uno mismo. Functionally, but not again, it is very expensive to use.

Memojis en FaceTime.  (photo: Muy Interesante)
Memojis en FaceTime. (photo: Muy Interesante)

– Desenfoque del fondo

In many cases, the videos are realized entornos poco adecuados.

Therefore, the possibility of disenfranchisement of the fund is a good news for the fact that it is possible to have a very simple and adequate image, all in all these cases that have been commented on since the assassination of no help.

Desenfocar fondo en FaceTime.  (photo: Pocket-lint)
Desenfocar fondo en FaceTime. (photo: Pocket-lint)

– Lighting

Finally, it is characterized by the fact that it is one of the differences between FaceTime and other applications, it is possible to manage the sound that captures the microphones of a MaciPhone or iPad.

Apple has incorporated a function that permits aislar completam el ruido a su alrededor, for which the rest of the llamada is just waiting for the train and not all the ruido that can be closed to its owner.

The results are very positive, but this time I think so cirtos ruidos agudos que se escuchan perfectamente no los escuchen los demás participantes en la videollamada.

Ruin accommodation in FaceTime.  (photo: FiXy.com)
Ruin accommodation in FaceTime. (photo: FiXy.com)


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