Why don’t you take a look at the formula in the United States and what are your consequences?

SAN ANTONIO.– El martes, Maricella Márquez miró la ultimate formula formula for babies en su cocina y le dio a su hija de 3 años, que padece un raro trastorno allergico del esófago, una porción más pequeña de lo habitual de la nutrición especial que necesita para mantenerse sana.

Márquez has been working on all Texas providers, trying new news. “Now we don’t have anything to do”dijo. “I’m desperate.”

Marquez is alive and well San Antonio, a city that has seen more of the formula of the nation in the nation56% of the normal ministers established the stock of hasta el martesbuy the software company for sale Datasembly – in the middle of nowhere crisis of national level que ha dejado a los padres luchando para alimentar a sus hijos.

La escasez ha sido un reto para las familias de todo el país, pero es especialmente palpable en las tiendas de comestibles y los bancos de alimentos de San Antonio, una ciudad de mayoría latina en el sur de Texas, donde many girls carecen of health insurance and work in areas with solariums that give you a lot of love opportunities. In the whole city, the baby food pastes are vacant and the organisms without the need to work extra hours to meet new administrators.

The escape is due to the withdrawal of a defective mark, this is due to the fact that at least four babies were hospitalized with a bacterial infection and the dead men. Pero la retirada se ha visto agravada por los incesantes problemas de la cadena de suministro y la escasez de mano de obra. The Investment of Datasembly was discovered the national income tax rate for babies is 43% in the week of termination, 10% more than the media of my country.

The Republicans have approved the growing community between the fathers blame the president Joe Biden, arguing that the administration did not have the surplus to increase the production. El Martes, Senator Mitt Romney, of Utah, has a map with the Administration of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Agriculture, affirming that federal officials have been dismissed and responded.

The FDA, which is the leader of the federal government, said los funcionarios estaban trabajando con Abbott Nutrition, the company involved in retirement, to reopen production at the Sturgis plant, Michigan. The agency that has a state reunite regularly with variations of infantile formula manufacturers to increase production capacity e instar a los minoristas a considerar la colocación de sales limits in infantile formula products.

“Reconocemos que manyos consumidores no han podido acceder a los preparados para lactantes ya los alimentos médicos esenciales que acostumbran utilizar y se sienten frustrados por no poder hacerlo”, dijo el martes en un komunicado el Dr. Robert M. Califf, FDA Commissioner. “We are doing everything we need to ensure that we have an adequate product available and when we need it.”

En todo el país, muchas madres dicen que están rationing the food for your babies mintras buscan más leche artificial. Someone is driving for hours, only to meet more people.

On the Internet, there are private sellers abusing the prices, commercializing the double or triple of their normal prices, y muchos grandes minoristas han agotado todas las existencias.

From the vicinity of the Abbott Nutrition installations in Sturgis, other manufacturers have recently had problems with increasing production due to their operations being at a constant level of demand for consumers, according to Rudi Leuschner, Associate Professor. in the Rutgers Business School.

“Some industries are very good to increase and reduce production”, dijo el Dr. Leuschner. “You have an interrupt, you can produce 10 more times. The preparations for babies are not this type of product”.

Esstantes escasamente abastecidos en un Walgreens en San Antonio, 10 de mayo de 2022.
Esstantes escasamente abastecidos en un Walgreens en San Antonio, 10 de mayo de 2022.KAYLEE GREENLEE BEAL – NYTNS

Además de los Problems most of the cadena of the administration that he has taken care of the coronavirus pandemic, as a case of manuscript and deficiency for consensus of primary matters, the problem can be attributed to panic attacks, explained by Dr. Leuschner.

Abbott Nutrition dijo que estaba haciendo todo lo posible, incluido el aumento de la produkción en sus otras plantas de Estados Unidos y el envío de productos desde sus instalaciones en Irlanda.

Without embargo, for the parents who have to give their babies less than you need, including an escape temporal landing result. Someone is still there investing in Internet recipes for infantile child formulas, even the experts in the health he advertised that these formulas can take care of vital nutrients or present other pelvises.

“We also recommend that you use the formula because you can lead to a malnutrition and create serious problems”by Kelly Bocanegra, manager of the federal Women, Infants and Children program in the metropolitan area of ​​San Antonio.

In the Infantile Hospital of San Antonio, the medical staff of the new madras a aumentar la cantidad de leche que se extraen ya dar el pecho en la medida de lo posible.

Sin embargo, algunas no pueden amamantar a sus hijos debido a la falta de suministros u otros problemas de salud, y los trabajadores de la salud dijeron que muchas madres que trabajan en la comida rápida, en el comercio minorista o en otros trabajos con salarios bajos no pueden permitirse el lujo de tener tiempo para amamantar.

Los padres como Márquez, cuyos hijos requieren diet specials, tampoco tienen esa opcion. En algunos casos, esos padres ya estaban luchando para pagar formulas for babies that can cost more than 100 dollars each, dijo Elyse Bernal, president of Any Baby Can, an organization without finesse that offers access to the attention of children with special needs.

“Da myo miedo, sobre todo a las famileas que tienen que tener una formula de mezcla particular, porque ahora están preocupadas por cómo pueden alimentar a su bebé”, dijo Megan Sparks, una de las gestoras de casos del grupo.

For Darice Browning, the special formulas in Oceanside, California, have been able to consider go to the emergency room only to feed your husband, Octavia, that has 10 months and falls generous genetic conditions that actually impose on solid foods. Food allergies that compare with her 21-month-old German, Tokyo, have that baby ambassadors get bloody and high-protein proteins.

At a moment’s time, Dijo Browning, lied to all the doctors of his hijas in the search for formula, just for the dieran who has no tennis.

“Help me, I love you, and I love you, Lane, I went to the house of work and I said: ‘What time is it?’ “I can’t feed our children, but that’s what you want.”

In Pell City (Alabama), Carrie Fleming has started a media cucharada menos de leche artificial en cada biberón prepara para su hija de 3 meses, Lennix.

Fleming had a love affair with Lennix but no pudo produced enough leche. Entonces, Lennix tuvo severe allergic reactions to new formulas different differences based on lactate products: le salían sarpullidos, lloraba constantemente y vomitaba todo lo que comía. The only formula that Lennix can tolerate is a hypoallergenic Llamada PurAmino, which Fleming cannot find in any place.

He has been working in stores and pharmacies in places like Florida and Ohio and posted on Facebook in April, listening to help. Finally, I found a number of small lots in a new formula for New York for 245 dollars.

She is intentando que esas latas duren tres semanas en lugar de las dos normales. “It’s a lot of money,” he said.

Formulas for babies and alimony administrators at the Ashley Aguirre House in San Antonio, May 10, 2022.
Formulas for babies and alimony administrators at the Ashley Aguirre House in San Antonio, May 10, 2022. KAYLEE GREENLEE BEAL – NYTNS

In the city of Richland, Georgia, where Sandra James lives, 36 years old, I only have a store. In the last months, don’t have to find a special formula for your 8 month old, Kenson, quien le sale urticaria y se le cae el pelo cuando toma formulas lácteas.

Al principio, buscó en cinco Walmarts cercanos, driving after hours of work you have to find the special formula that you need. You have to go to the six-day shop in Alabama, before you find one.

So much so that you can have more water and puree of vegetables to find that your formula lasts longer.

“He is an agotador, a very agotador”dijo.

The fathers who intent to buy on the Internet say that only he found himself with the highest prices, but with estafas. Hace dos semanas, K-Rae Knowles, de Oregón (Illinois), envió dinero a un desconocido a cambio de latas de una formula que necesitaba para su hijo de 4 meses, Callan. Las latas nunca llegaron, dijo, y el Facebook profile of the vendor fue eliminated eliminated two days.

“The people are very careful now,” he said. “I really want to say that the people are trying to find this type of escape ”.

In San Antonio, Márquez said that he never thought that he would depend on the formula for babies to keep in order that he would be able to do something in advance. However, he was able to re-diagnose and diagnose the formula that was unique to the hospital.

From the principles of April, complement your diet with fruit, vegetables, peacock and other oregano proteins.

“Hay muy poco más que pueda tomar”, dijo. “It simply came to our notice then. A sandwich of mani and marmalade ”.

Includo cuando está available, the formula is the king. Después de que su seguro mégico pague el 80% del coste, la familia debe desembolsar 375 dólares al mes, when the food is available. I only need to work as a saleswoman, because my money is expensive.

These are the most popular products with other products that the producers have in stock and try to be able to tolerate their moment.

“I don’t have another option,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. I want to be here and I don’t have to go to the hospital ”.

By Edgar Sandoval, Amanda Morris and Madeleine Ngo

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