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WhatsApp is the application of mensajería más utilizada y uno de los objetivos de la compañía esWhatsApp-tomara-drasticas-medidas-para-mejorar-la-privacidad-de-los-usuarios-De-que-se-trata-20220416-0021.html “target =” _ blank “> improve privacy before the creation of preoccupation with users. a recent event in WhatsApp-prepara-una-muy-esperada-actualizacion-para-sus-estados-20220429-0049.html “goal =” _ blank “> trick.

At the moment, there are different forms of expression at the maximum of the platform of property Meta to post information about other users: read the new posts that mandan other users can find, including what WhatsApp-asi-podes-saber-cuantas-veces-un-contacto-vio-tus-estados-20220410 -0027.html “target =” _ blank “> quien ve tus estados, o bien” chusmear “estados de otro usuario sin que lo sepan. Pero ahora, thank you in a state in the states that allow you to know where you are a user of a kind of manner and certainty.

The WhatsApp states, inspired by Instagram Stories, which is about imitating a Snapchat imitation. Without embargo, I want to be a way to share the curiosities of the temporal form with the friends, you can be a tramp and use with intentions.

The specialist Gaspar Cano advirtió, in an article on the blog The lado del mal de Chema Alonsohacker español, que con el uso de enlaces en los estados es posible geolocalizar a un contacto in a determined moment.

For those who do not use it, they can not use the most popular WhatsApp functions, the states can provide videos and images with elements such as texts that are compared to the images of the user profile. You have 24 days of work and every time you can make contacts that allow you to access this publication.

Without embargo, as explicit in the publication, the difference between what you want on Instagram, on WhatsApp it is possible to see a summary of the details of the persons who visualized a statejunto con la hora exacta en la que lo hizo.

Combining this information, with a link to capture the IP address of the visitor, it is possible to register the information of geo position of aquellas persons that access the web page. Cruising the location data with the information of the people visited by WhatsApp, it is possible to determine what the visitor corresponds to the location.

Yes I want to know about computer science que no todo el mundo tiene, de todos modos demuestra una vez más los peligros que puede haber tras un simple enlace.

Edit contacts for a WhatsApp website, the computer pirate can create what is known as a MySQL board with the provision of personal information as the geolocation of the IP directions of the visits. It says, a database of data about the IP address of women who are on the WhatsApp website.

With these IP directions, you know the location of the person. You can also copy other details as the internet provider that you use, you can use a red movie or a connection“exposing the privacy of navigation of contacts in a manner neither authorized nor solicited”, subrayó Cano.

Recommendations for avoiding what your location is on WhatsApp

I can see what la compañía debe “hacer que el registro de accesos al estado de fuera menos ‘detallado’, y hacerlo más similar al de Instagram”. For an application that protects your messages with the number of extremes to extremes, give great details about what other users use to contradict.

By the part of the users, you can take care of the mediocre, like deactivate proofreadingsa trick very much to avoid the person who publishes the state that he has consulted. Another option is to use a VPN that protects navigation dataentre los que está la geolocalización e impide que las webs puedan conocer esa información.


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