Trueno published “Bien o mal” and compared the video of “Tierra Zanta” with Víctor Heredia

Truenouno de los mayores referentes del hip hop from Latin America, present at the new disco Well done. The album, thanks for its single singles, is about 600 million reproductions of global levels.

The artist shows a true vision of the actual world, criticizing and inspiring, revising the past and wondering the future with only 20 years of life. If you take part in your presentation, the barrier of the port of La Boca in Argentina, this is a great work of discography and an amplifier of the generational generation of global scales.

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Trueno published “Bien o mal” and compared the video of “Tierra Zanta” with Víctor Heredia

“Well, we have spent some time together, we are looking for our missions. Sacrificando lo que tenemos y lo que no, en busca de la Paz. We are different, in the light of all we are ”, described Trueno in communication.

The message of “Bien o mal” by Trueno

Trueno propone un disco que be organized in a conceptual manner, con sus temas temididos en dos ejes, justamente esos que representan la dualidad entre el bien y el mal. A record of the celebration of the “protest of the celebration”, with an interlude that connects the ambassadors of the part of the train of the Trueno Exposition, as well as the social and cultural reality of Latin America today.

The material has 13 tracks which is a form of organic work, all with real instrumentation, and contact with the participation of a number and talented team of musicians, producers, fellow composers and invited artists.

In Bien o mal se incluyen los cinco exitosos adelantos que furoron dados a conocer desde mediados de 2021, que tuvieron excito en distinct países. “Panama” between Duki (Oro en Argentina, España y Uruguay), “Sólo por vos” (Oro en Argentina y Uruguay), “Feel Me ??”(Platino in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay; Oro in Chile),“Dance Crip ” (Platino in Argentina, Spain and Uruguay; Oro in Chile and Mexico), y Jungle with Randy & Bizarrap.

“Freestyle Manifestation” is your presentation card

Fue uno de los adelantos de este disco. “It simply came to our notice then concludes with a contingent freestyle grabado en una sola toma de studio, en la que Trueno muestra la frescura que aún guardan sus rimas ”, describió sobre la canción.

“Argentina has a lot to say, the political orders, the dead talk, the pueblo protest. The young ones we have the sarten for the mango, we are the soldiers in this war against injustice, repression and design ”, arranca Mateo Palacios Corazzina – name of the artist – singing in the theme.

“Tierra Zanta”, with the train of Victor Heredia

Accompanying the sound of Bien o Mal, Trueno publishes this song that describes the spirit that records all the material. Include some of the icons of Argentine folklore artists like Victor Heredia and La Charo; the sample of “Sulky” de Gustavo Cerati; by producer Brian Taylor reinterpreting in guitar a classic of Facundo Cabral (“No soy de aqui, ni soy de allá); y el sonido del Trueno declarando “Latinoamérica no llora, canta”.

Además, inside the tracklist, will find some other unique creations by example: “Argentina”, which compares with Nathy Peluso, and includes a poem recited by Mateo nambrando in the 23 Argentine provinces; “Buenos Aires en Llamas”, a confessional song in the line of the former firemen between “Rain I” and “Rain II”, with a beat hecho in the sound of sound realities registered in the city.

Other than that “Hood”, a little bit of a bachelor in the game with the idea of ​​your barrio natal as a feminine love, with a new mirage now that you know the distance. También está la canción que le da titulo al álbum donde demuestra por qué es el vocero de los jóvenes de la regíón.

In March, the song arranged for the World Cup, with the two sets set with a record of assistance in the festivals Lollapalooza Chile and Vive Latino México. In April, you have an important presentation on the el Quilmes Rock Festivalclosed the first day in the main script, dissecting improvised riots in Gorillaz.


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