Truco para saber cómo han guardado a uno en WhatsApp sin utilizar GetContact.  (photo: Trome)
Truco para saber cómo han guardado a uno en WhatsApp sin utilizar GetContact. (photo: Trome)

Una gran sorpresa se llevaron miles de usuarios de WhatsAppla instant messaging application most popular of the world, the place where you are social networks se volviera tendency un truco que permite averiguar el nombre o apodo que los amigos le pusieron a uno en la agenda de su smart phone.

The difference between other methods that exist in internetit works in Android y iPhoney no requie que el usuario instale Getcontact u otra app desconocida. You have been hired in the first place because of the experience of experts cybersecurity que los usuarios no deben no instalar este softwareya que podría robar personal information.

Antes de aprender el truco para saber cómo guardaron a uno en WhatsApp desde otro celular, Infobae explicará todo sobre GetContact. At the end of the note, it will be the best to use it application said.

What is GetContact

GetContact is an identifier of llamadas like can be TrueCaller. The main lens is to filter the lights in the decades, opening the door that is receiving communication from a robot or a central telephony.

Without embargo, they are very different from the fact that it is very famous again the app allows you to use them to know how to register other users of the app you are here in our contact list.

GetContact.  (photo:
GetContact. (photo:

For it, it is simply necessary to create an account with a phone number and you can access these functions. Precisely this function is so popular the propia app permit compartirlo en estados de WhatsApp, videos de TikTok o Historias de Instagram.

Without embargo, he said that these labels are only available among users who have the application. You can’t find out how a person has an agenda to get on your cell phone or on your own GetContact.

It doesn’t work here. It is a free service, but you can get rid of the dishes that you know about the labels of a person, how many people have searched for the number of one and more.

Entonces, GetContact es seguro o no

From there GetContact ensure that there is a total control of our misfortune about our privacy: we can see how the profile information is shown and that the information is visible to others in the community.

Assimilation, referring to “not selling third-party personnel information”. Follow the web of the app, sin the form of monetization is the law of the publicity announcements of Google y Facebook, además de las subscripciones Premium de algunos usuarios.

Precisely, at the moment of initiating a session in this type of application, information is conceived for which the app segments its users and brandy products to take into account individual characteristics.

GetContact also ensure that “no technical capacity is in place to process or load the data of the directorate of our proposed legitimacy explicitly”.

GetContact.  (photo: Kaspersky)
GetContact. (photo: Kaspersky)

But, you need communication, the company of cybersecurity Kaspersky reveló que los usuarios que bajaron Getcontact are authorized to use this controversial app to access your personal information, such as contact list, photos, IP directions, and others.

“When I accept the terms, but only transfer your personal data to the application, I also know about your friends and friends.” “It is clear that you have a price to pay for all these benefits: the application can be used to contact you, you want all the numbers and numbers you have”, cybersecurity company signal.

Entonces, sabiendo esto sera mejor eliminar la app en caso se encuentre descargada en un celular. If you want to eliminate the file number, it is not enough to uninstall the app. In the house of GetContacthay que ingresar a Initiate Session> Visibility Adjustments> Deactivate.

GetContact.  (photo: Depor)
GetContact. (photo: Depor)

Asi se puede saber cómo guardaron mi contacto in WhatsApp sin utilizar Getcontact

Entonces, el momento ha llegado. I don’t know much about Crean, there is a method that allows us to use WhatsApp users Android o iPhoneknow how your friends decideieron guardarlos en la agenda de su phone. The best thing about this is that I don’t need to install any app; without embargo, you need something to persuade.

We must have the opportunity to contact the WhatsApp contact in a message that contains the number of one, but we do not have a text message, I want to see the option ‘Share contact’.

For him, he will pulsate the icon of clip and selection is characteristic. Solo así se podrá saber si a uno le pusieron el nombre y apellido, o un apodo.


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