Rebel Wilson da vida a una porrista que regresa a klapes después de 20 años de haber quedado en coma. (Netflix)

Hasta la fecha, The year of my graduation (Senior Year) you can see more than 62 million hours on the platform Netflix and it is occupied by the top 10 English language players. No cabe duda that much of this effect has that with the influence of Rebel Wilsona comedian and actress who has always been recorded for a role as Gorda Amy / Patricia in the trilogy of Pitch Perfect.

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“One acrobatics fell in love with a 20-year-old boy. Ahora, tiene 37, acaba de despertar y está lista para vivir su suéño: ser la reina del baile escolar ”, sostiene la premisa sobre esta historia questiona el ansiado deseo de la popularidad en la etapa escolar y lo que significan los dias de gloria for someone who has no experience more than all the skills of the school. La cinta is conducted by Alex Hardcastle in a script written by Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielli and Brandon Scott Jones.

The Australian actress is with her protagonist in this comedy.  (Netflix)
The Australian actress is with her protagonist in this comedy. (Netflix)

A protagonist who says solo in Rebel Wilson

The Australian actress initiated her career with a recurring paper in comedy Pizzaemitida por siete temporadas, pero no fue hasta que se le accreditó un rol en Women in war (2011) que comenzó su ascenso a la fama. Your great moment is part of Pitch Perfect (2012), where he compares elenco with other stars like Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow at the beginning of three entregas. In 2019, Actuó junto a Anne Hathaway en Maestras del engaño; was conducted by the Oscar-winning Taika Waititi en Jojo Rabbit; and a dream with comedy Isn’t it romantic?

Without embargo, this connection is interpreted as Stephanie Conway The year of my graduation the perpetrators of solitary confinement in a protagonist who loaded with many sentimental feelings al ser una mujer que se quedó congelada en el tempo. Antes, a popular and charismatic young man in the secondary school, and he, an adult fracasada who did not live to see anything known as a long time ago. She will be able to find new friends, but she will be able to find her way to the real estate.

The film covers the differences for adapting to this person who is the mayor, but I am sorry for the great part of his life.  (Netflix)
The film covers the differences for adapting to this person who is the mayor, but I am sorry for the great part of his life. (Netflix)

The cultural and technological choir between the ages

The fiction is also on the way to the year 2002 in the present year 2022. How long has the company changed in all this time? In principle, Stephanie tends to learn how to use a social social – especially, Instagram – and believe that the young world now has only to find out about the reality of the school scenario, also known as a virtual form. Además, ¿se imaginan un mundo donde Britney ya no suena todo el timpo en la radio? For those who live on their best birthdays, this is a total pesadilla.

A comedy with stars of this genre

Con Rebel Wilson like the great star of The year of my graduation no haran falta las risas, pero está claro que el director tuvo la intención de incluir a otros artistas de este estilo para elevar mucho más la dosis de diversión. Here we are, as we know, completely Sam Richardson (Veep y The Afterparty), Zoë Chao (Love Life), Justin Hartley (This is Us y The Christmas of the Rebel Madras), Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live) y Mary Holland (Happiest Season). And for the last time we are brilliant to act Angourie Rice (Spider-Man y Mare of Easttown) as the version of the young protagonist.

Actually, “El año de mi graduación” is found between the view of the platform. (Netflix)

The year of my graduation page 13 of May in the catalog of Netflix.


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