From Bogotá

Colombia is waiting for the fire. Terminaron los actos de campaña, los debates presidenciales de la última semana, las encuestas, solo quedan las urnas de un domingo largamente esperado. The climate in the months of debate and reunions is attracted by a tension of what can happen. In the streets of Bogotá, with its habitual cuelo de nubes grandes, todo parece tranquilo, algunos afiches de campaña, volantes, y el tema a flor de piel en muchas conversaciones.

Permanent tendency

The numbers match the central point: Gustavo Petroal frente del Pacto Histórico, lidera las intenciones de votos. Ningún is another candidate for a bad job, a tendency to take months and an indication that it will be the first result of doming. On the other hand, there are no surprises: the former senator and alcalde de Bogotá took the second place in 2018 against Ivan Duqueinstalled from the entons as the main figure of Colombian progressive, now in the presidential formula with Francia Márquez, a Afro-Colombian woman, ambientalist and feminist.

La certeza, en cambio, sober quien ocupará el segundo lugar no es tal. Federico “Fico” Gutiérrez if you want to spend the week, you will be able to do it, but you will be able to take care of it. El alcalde de Medellín, apt for the uribismo that destined to participate with his party in the Democratic Center, commenting on the show defects to create in the projects and projects as possible contiguous with the ability to pay for Petro in a possible second return.

The “Trump criollo”

Quien irrumpió en las encuestas poniendo en duda el segundo lugar de Gutiérrez fue Rodolfo Hernández, ex alcalde de Bucaramanga, with outsider profile, communication force and anti-corruption discourse. The ascension of “Trump criollo”, who did not lose the presidential debates of the last weekadvanzó tanto sobre el terreno dejado por un centro politico representado por Sergio Fajardo in a lean place, as a part of the decimated uribismo, an electoral base compatira with Gutiérrez. Hernández tendría mayores posibilidades en una segunda vuelta contra Petro, según marcan las encuestas.

The Principals have decided on the results of the domination of the Voting House with the following results: Petro will win a victory in the first half of the year with more than 50 votes, and, in case of no success, against whom he will wait until June 19. For example, the light and the only one of the sample are possible. Do you want a vote and a mayor’s participation in the habit of giving this false percentage to win this victory? In the second place, next to the following: el uribismo pondrá su maquinaria para apoyar a quien se enfrente a Petro.

Estallido and pico de violencia

Colombia has a year in the middle of a national couple transformed into a state. Miles and miles of people, young people, tomaron of the principal cities of the country, in a multitudinal city without guidance, anticipated from the protests of 2020 and 2019. You can also see the world around the image of the government’s response with a police officer, , paramilitares a plena luz de día. The concept of an internal one, medullary in the politics of uribismo, is applied to women protesting in the streets, a new generation, empobrecida, jugándose el resto ante la falta de perspectu de futuro.

The violence in the end of the month is not the only time: Colombia has recently received a pico of violence as an indication of the escalation of social leaders and massacres. The number of deaths is updated semantically, in the evening. “We have multi-crime gangs, it is a new reality, it has been destroyed since then, but it is not possible to have a state, it is also possible to support the state of the country that is in the territory and controlling the population” .

One of the shareholders of this band the “paro armado” realized by the denominado Clan del Golfo a mayo principle, tomando control arma en mano de cerca de 179 municipios de los 1.103 del país, impidiendo que abran comercios o circule el transporte durante dos dias. These gangs, your ability to fire, your political activities with the uribismo, are one of the elements that you have to do with the elements of domingo bajo alerta.


The mismo gobierno and su aliados pusieron un manto de dudas sober el resultado electoral. Affirming the Vice President, Marta Lucía Ramírezthe former president of Uribe, the president of the CongressJuan Diego Gómez, the ex-president Andrés Pastrana, the president María Fernanda Cabal, the president Duque Alexander Vegathe company embarked on electoral software, installing the idea of ​​a fraud possibility.

These declarations set a climate of tension in a marked context in connection with the declarations of Petro acerca de amenazas sobre las elecciones por parte del uribismo. The Historical Pact has reported irregularities in the legislatures of March, which has recovered about 500 million votes that have not been taken into account.


The remarks about the contours of the curriculum in the history of election marks historically denounce of the vote, as opened in 2018 in favor of the Duke a group related to paramilitarism and narcotics, in the wake of the scandal Ñeñepolítica. These practices are part of a warning that a vote can be taken on the possibility of progression and the end of the presidency.

Colombia, a country of three decades of neoliberalism, is in the process of realizing a political change que significaría el intento de romper con el actual statu quo. It is possible to enjoy the achievements and failures of the queens to benefit from the realization of the market for subterranean businesses, a permanent armed conflict, a palpable design in the streets of Bogotá, in the colonial center of the periphery of Ciudad Bolívar.


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