This app allows you to change your clothes in the Zoom videos

App EmbodyMe.  (photo: Nikkei Asian Review / EmbodyMe)
App EmbodyMe. (photo: Nikkei Asian Review / EmbodyMe)

I saw that you need to be there, any person who has a day of staying on the beach, including when ‘no debería’, ya que probablemente en el teletrabajo there are reunions for videos.

And to put it mildly, when the moment of an office meeting is over, I will always be able to spend my time, including in the district, to be able to save the house.

That’s why I thank you startup that has created the perfect tool for telecomwinders to be found in piazza, including reunion tips.

To realize this, it is necessary to use it to download it application EmbodyMe a su computer. I have a lot to do with a series of images ‘professionals’ of us for what the hermitage, usando artificial intelligencecreate a more polished version.

“We are starting the creative team with a possible technology for IA. The final lens of EmbodyMe is unimaginable, imaginable. We offer tools that can create creative skills to produce the perfect visual content that imagines, utilizing profound profits, without limits or compromises ”, startup insurance where are they web page.

De la pijama a un traje o vestido

The company nipona pretends to use deepfake software and artificial intelligence to emphasize the creativity of our users, to change the aspect of the aspect with the tools that pretend to revolutionize the sector.

This way, los usarios podran assistir las reuniones de Zoomentre otras apps, como si estuvieran en traje o vestido, mientras la realidad es que tienen puesto pijama o cualquier otro atuendo no apto para videoollamadas importantes.

EmbodyMe has launched a beta version in 2020. It has recently become possible to launch the complete version. The free option with conceptions of pantals and basic images, so that the idea of ​​this startup can convene to use and increase your options, es necesario pagar USD $ 8 per month

The technology used by the EmbodyMe application and its functions

The EmbodyMe application 50,000 different points in the design of a 3D user, can detect changes in expressions. It’s possible to create the most natural image in the pants. The use of the tambourine chamber also reflects the movements of the user.

Actually, the company offers various products, one of the windows is a mobile application Xpression. With this app, the users will be able to use your personal gestures to animate famous characters, including videos, and as well as you will be able to use any picture of the phone gallery to give a second life, so I can’t say goodbye. risas.

EmbodyMe.  (photo: NikkeiAsia)
EmbodyMe. (photo: NikkeiAsia)

You can also use the second herringbone of the Asian company, llamada Xpression Camera, that will allow us to supervise an additional capacity on web sites that use us with frequency.

Solo hay que descargar el archivo que correspondnda al operating systemelegir este software as the main webcam and approve your capabilities.

Xpression EmbodyMe Camera.  (photo: BRIDGE)
Xpression EmbodyMe Camera. (photo: BRIDGE)

The president of the hermitage, Issay Yoshida, signal that the EmbodyMe fortality is in its capacity for “Process and create real time videos”. I also said that this application has a high speed of loading that takes into account a lot of people in the market.

In addition to business meetings, this will be a good way to use this application, many usable creatures digital avatars to know other people, but also for friends.

In a world where technology also commence the use to expand the relations, haciendola access to any person from the house to any place, EmbodyMe that communication is very easy.


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