We are the ones who love the verano y eso solo significa una cosa: vacaciones, y buena vibra. Without embargo, we are also conscientious that no one has the chance to get their money’s worth to distract a lot of preoccupations. But don’t worry, I don’t want to plan a trip to the beach to explore this time, you can The most important streaming platforms are a series of games and special games.

Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video are three of the world’s most important digital content services y se lo han ganado a pulso, porque nos han presentedado produkciones spectaculares. Y aunque ya han lanzado projectos importantes este año, aún tienen guardadas algunas cartas bajo el brazo y para que disfruten de este mes maratoneando, Here are the contaminants that are available in June in your catalogs.


The giant of streaming trae estranos bastante fuertes para junio, tanto en series como en películas. For an idea of ​​what we are talking about, This is a great Netflix title that makes us emotionalas the last time of Peaky Blindersla tercera temporada de The Umbrella Academy and have the basic version of La Casa de Papel. Ahí les van las fechas para que tomen note:


Peaky Blinders – Sixth season – June 10

Los Shelby has a devastating life. El fin de la ley seca vuelca a Tommy hacia el negocio del opio, obligándolo a aliarse con sus enemigos.

The Umbrella Academy – Third time – June 20

The Emmy nominee series is about a dysfunctional family of superheroes with a new time of surprise.

La Casa de Papel: Corea – June 24

Ladrones is the owner of the coin of the Cuea unificada. Con rehenes atrapados, la policía debe detenerlos, asi como a su mente maestra.


Garra – June 8

When a debauched basketball player found an exceptional player in Spain, he was able to demonstrate that he could triumph in the NBA, played by Adam Sandler.

Spiderhead – June 17

En futuro cercano, dos reclusos luchan contra su pasado en un centro que experimenta con drogas capaces de alterar las emociones. With Chris Hemsworth.

Disney +

By the way, the platform of the Mickey Mouse house can’t be seen again in June. De hecho, se estrenarán nuevos episodios de Obi-Wan Kenobi pero además, Disney + us present presentations as important Ms. Marvel. By the way, there is no surplus, also available in the catalog of the Marvel series that was established on Netflix, as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher y The Defenders. Here are the data:

Ms. Marvel – June 8

This series is presented in Kamala Khan, a teenage Muslim teenager who lives in the city of Jersey. Ávida is a gamer and a fan of fiction, she is a fan of superheroes – especially of Captain Marvel -. Without embargo, Kamala is invisible so much in the house as in the school, that she has superpowers like the heroes who are always admired.

But all of Infinito: Buzz and Elle’s trip to Lightyear – June 10

This documentary explores the evolution of an icon, securing the Buzz Lightyear fireplace from the south side of the Spanish Guardian in which it inspired the creation of this south side.

Daredevil – Temporadas 1 a 3 – 29 de junio

Matt Murdock is not anyone but Hell’s Kitchen. Your feelings are highlighted by the fact that you are in an accident. Bajo el manto de la noche, lucha contra el crimen y atrae enemigos poderosos, como Wilson Fisk (alias Kingpin). But the dilemma of creating a day: debate of the masquerade, who wants to live; Daredevil, do justice to my property.

Jessica Jones – Temporadas 1 a 3 – 29 de junio

A tragedy short of a career as a superheroine very pronto. Now, Jessica lives in New York and is on the property of a detective agency with the idea of ​​giving a life of more tranquility, but she didn’t pass the paranormal houses of abandonment, and the traumas come with her. Save the world? Ya no tanto… Solo quiere llegar a fin de mes.

Luke Cage – Time 1 to 2 – June 29

Desperate for a sabotage experiment with a superhero and an unbelievable pile, Luke Cage is engaged in a fugitive that intently reconstructs his life in modern Harlem, in the city of New York. However, it is a matter of time and need to write a battle for the heart of the city, obliging you to find a place where you have to treat yourself.

Iron Fist – Time 1 to 2 – June 29

This year, the private jet that transports to the multimillionaire Rand family is mysteriously shot in the Himalayas. Casi veinte años después, Danny Rand, el único sobreviviente del accidente, regresa a la ciudad de Nueva York como el immortal Iron Fist. Danny desperately said that the life in the city of New York could be so controversial as the monastery where he passed the last 20 years. The Marvel Iron Fist provides the Danny Rand route as the Iron Fist in New York City.

Punisher – Time 1 to 2 – June 29

Frank Castle, also known as Punisher, is known to have been responsible for the criminal crimes of his family. Without embargo, I want to find out more about the conspiracy, but also about the events that are going on, which involve the time spent in the Infantry of Marina.

The Defenders – Temporada 1 – 29 de junio

The Defenders of Marvel are located in Daredevil, also known as Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, also known as Danny Rand, a group of singles heroes with a common lens: save the city of New York. This is the story of the four figures of solitaires, admired by their proprietary personalities who, in return, are given the account of what can be done more than ever.

* Ojo, to see this Marvel series, I want to change the parent configuration and have active.

Amazon Prime Video

Last but not least, tenemos a Amazon Prime Video que bajita la mano, trae varios estrenos importantes y que seguramente nos dejarán con el ojo cuadrado. Nomás chequen qué intensa se pondrá la cosa que arrancarán junio con el estreno de la tercera temporada de The Boysademás tendremos un nuevo especial de Pan and Circo and has a documentary of the Tigers of the North.

The Boys – Third time – June 3

The third time of one of the most anticipated series of Prime Video is available in June. The Boys vuelve con ocho episodios donde Hughie, Butcher, Mother’s Milk y Frenchie (junto a otros personajes) continuarán su misión de exponer las verdades sobre The Seven y Vought, el conglomerado multibillonario que administra a los superheroes y oculta sus sucios secretos.

Los Tigres del Norte: Historias que contar – June 17

Los Tigres del Norte: Historias que contar, It is a documentary that offers fans an intimate and never before view of one of the most iconic and popular music groups in the Mexican regional music scene: Los Tigres del Norte. The film contains some of the humiliated initiates of the show and the excitement of the gang to convert to one of the groups most relevant to the country.

Pan and Circus: Discriminate in Spanish – June 24

Diego Luna junto al equipo de Pan and Circo travel to Madrid to find a way to find out what income comes in Latin America as in Spain: by conquista usa as a symbol of glory by the entrance and as an agrarian pendient for children. Este tercer especial de la segunda temporada reúne y recurre a distintas voces hispanoamericanas para hablar sobre el tema, continuando con el mismo formato de los primeros dos episodios, ya available in Prime Video.

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