Find out all the stars that will be on HBO Max in June 2022.

The principles of each month, the streaming platforms announced all news that you have to take each of them to the place of the month in the course y así, después de desvelarte todos los estrenos que llegan a Disney + este mes, ahora te venimos a descubrir all the movies, series and documentaries that HBO Max has been doing since June.

This month’s news has been loaded with HBO Max news, which will be hosted by the Warner Media game streaming service with interesting features like Dunkirkuno de los mejores largometrajes del aclamado director Christopher Nolan, The father of the newa remake of the comedy of the 90s protagonized by Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan of all the games of the saga Crepúsculo y series tan entretenidas como Hausena series of terror and mystery that intends to emulate the existence of Dark, Schitt’s Creeka comedy that rang at the Emmy Awards of the Years of Fr. the Westworld time zonethe acclaim series of fiction production produced by HBO.


Westworld Season 4 landed at least June 27 on HBO Max

If you want to learn everything, you should keep your eyes on HBO Max if you don’t want to.

HBO Max aumenta su, ya de por sí, extenso catálogo de películas y series con a lot of interesting news that you can see at the beginning of June in the popular streaming service, the cuales can be counted on the continuation.

Plays that feature HBO Max in June

This month HBO Max landed in HBO Max The new father, an original HBO movie Max which version of the classic comedy with a new Latin child, Dunkirk, the beautiful white slats with three premiums in 2018 o todas las películas de la franquicia vampírica Crepúsculo protagonists by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

This is a complete list of games that will be available on HBO Max in June:

  • Crepúsculo (June 3)
  • The Saga Crepúsculo: New Moon (June 3)
  • The Saga Crepúsculo: Eclipse (June 3)
  • The Saga Crepúsculo: Amanecer parte 1 (3 de junio)
  • The Saga Crepúsculo: Amanecer parte 2 (3 de junio)
  • Dunkirk (June 3)
  • Irma Vep (June 5)
  • The father of the new (June 16)
  • The balcony game (June 19)
  • Scooby! (June 25)

Series that goes on HBO Max in June

This June month, HBO Max is a complete portfolio of series with foreign stars Hausena series of German-produced terror by Sky, comprising 8 chapters of a life of duration, Schitt’s Creeka comedy with actors from Daniel Levy’s plot, by Father Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy or Catherine O’Hara or the timeline of the Rosswell series: New Mexico and Westworld, the series of fictional dystopian science by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

These are all series that feature HBO Max in June:

  • The Bronze Garden (June 1)
  • We Baby Bears (June 3)
  • Irma Vep (June 7)
  • Roswell: New Mexico Temporada 4 (June 7)
  • Tuca & Bertie Temporada 2 (June 24)
  • Westworld Temporada 4 (June 27)
  • Schitt’s Creek (June 28)
  • El p * to Michael Che (June 30)
  • Hausen (June 30)

Documentary that goes to HBO Max in June

If you are a fan of the documentary and you are on HBO Max, you will also be able to learn from these are the three documentaries that land on the streaming platform at the junior month:

  • Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known (June 1)
  • On my Way with Irina Rimes (June 3)
  • The Janes (June 9)

Si todavía no te has suscrito a HBO Max, puedes hacerlo directamente desde el botón que te dejamos bajo estas líneas.

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