‘The world precises more protein, no more thoughts’

Declaration at the press of Alberto Fernández and Emmanuel Macron


The president Alberto Fernández and in France, Emmanuel Macroncoinieron hoy en Paris en la necesidad de “respond collectively” to the consequences of war in Ukraine and “search for the end of the Russian attack”, and follow the conventions that “the world needs more protein; no more thoughts”, and “more production and no recession”.

It was expressed in a declaration of concurrence that the ambassadors of Brindaron were elected to the patio of the entrance to the Palacio presidencial del Elíseo, in the city of Paris, minutes before the meeting of a bilateral region.

The coincidences between Fernández – the cargo of the presidency at the time of the Latin American and Caribbean Community and the Caribbean – and Macron – the president of the European Union have the 1st of June – expressions in one public declaration at the press, before the meeting that mantuvieron is faithful to the man in the Palazzo del Elíseo, in the last day of the President’s Day in Europe.

“Thank you very much Mr. President for being in Paris, he is very gracious. “We are at the moment of a war in Europe and we are at the moment to reform cooperation and friendship between our countries based on respect for human rights and democratic values,” said Macron.

The head of the State of France considers that the war between Ukraine and Russia can lead to “tragic consequences that the United States” gives answers to and responds collectively to international problems. “

Macron piedio to respect the special attention to the agricultural problem that can be generated with the war in Ukraine, and all in Africa, where can be given a “food crisis”.

Photo by AFP
Photo: AFP.

For your part, Alberto Fernández insured that his presence in France was “to have the disposition to see what we can do to help him recover the world” y affirmó estar “convencido” de que “el mundo necesita más proteínas, no misiles”.

“We have a humanitarian mission and an integrative vision. Hay ques poner fin al ataque ruso (en Ucrania). We are convinced that the world needs more protein, but more thoughts; more production and no recession. We want the pandemic (coronavirus) we want to kill the economy, ”remarked the head of the Argentine state.

With Macron, a series of polls with European leaders who have been the president of Argentina in a dream and intensified a tour of the three countries in four quarters: the martians reunited in Madrid with the socialist Pedro Sanchez and Ray Felipe VI, and the myrrh in Berlin with the Social Democrat Chancellor Aleman Olaf Scholz.

Photo by AFP
Photo: AFP.

Fernández said that he was faithful in the first example of President Macron in his new term, a man who won the election to the leader of the ultra-marine Marine Le Pen, a result of which “a lot of tranquility in the world”, said by the prime minister.

“You are a friend and an important actor in this international scenario”Emmanuel Macron

“You are a friend and an important actor in this international scenario”the Macron reception in the explanation of the Palace, the official seat of the governor, where Fernández was returned with a guard of honor.

“As President of Celac, he is looking for the preoccupation of the continent for the war in Ukraine. We can’t follow the risk of food and energy security. Hay ques poner fin al ataque ruso. Después del daño de la pandemia necesitamos que la economía vuelva a crecer “, enfatizó el mandatario argentino.

“The situation in Ukraine has created a risk of generating an energy crisis and alimony in the world and we will be able to respond. This is an opportunity to build cultural and scientific attractions between countries ”, remarked the French President.

Photo by AFP
Photo: AFP.

In this sense, Macron qualifies the Argentine prime minister as “an important actor in the tormented international actual scenario” and “the defense of human rights and democracies as part of the lenses between Argentina and France”.

Assimism, the chief of the State of Galo congratulations to Fernandez on the hot alcanzado with the FMI y dijo que “ahora es la ocasión para seguir construjendo el vínculo entre ambos países”.

Macron added the opportunity to pass on the songs of the family of the French student Luana Bichiet, on the 25th of April, who celebrated a holiday in Buenos Aires with the consensus of a transitional accident and a pioneer who “wants to separate the truth” from the sky that was.

Test the good relationship between friends, Furnish the shelf with Macron and a book of water from the Argentine painter Antonio Seguíwho lived in France, and made sure to watch the guitar that was on his last visit.

Además, el jefe de Estado argentino reconoció la admiración que su par françés tiene por el escritor Jorge Luis Borges.

Photo by AFP
Photo: AFP.

Macron recorded that in 15 days he was celebrating in Paris the Latin American week, and that Argentina will have a place in his place, where he will exhibit the work of the sculptor Pablo Reinoso, who exhibits his works in the air.

After the meeting, Macron congratulated Fernandez on the “valiant and responsible decision” to sign an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (FMI), following the official information.

The mandate holders also signed the theme of the crisis of food that could generate war in the east of Europe, and Macron confided in Fernández that, between 12 and 18 months ago, he could have lost the food he had generated in the African countries. a destabilization in cadence ”.

In an interview with the French di Le Monde, Fernández refrained from the topic of the crisis of food that could generate conflict over the conflict in Ukraine, and to ensure that “As President of Celac he warns about the effects of war in Ukraine and of the sanctions in Russia in the economies of Latin America ”

For Fernández, “you will be able to take care of food and energy security”, referring to the collateral effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Latin America.

“Someone who thinks we can get the benefits of the price of soybeans, trigo, maize. But I really have negative repercussions in the whole world, because of the price of food prices,” he said, adding that he was “urgent.” negotiate and detect this conflict “.

Fernández sostuvo que “ya no es más cuestión de hablar de comercio con Rusia sino de detener la guerra” with Ukraine.

Photo of the Presidency
Photo: Presidencia.

The President spoke with the native Parisian about the visit to Russia in February, when he reunited with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and said that “he is the contestant of the exchange” because “he is not the most likely to talk about trade with Russia. I want to be this war “.

“Hay que poner las cosas en contexto. Cuando me reuní con Putin, Rusia acababa de tender la mano a América Latina con las vacunas Sputnik. Moscú no había lanzado tadavía la intervención en Ucrania”, recordó y subrayó: “Nosotros hablamos de relaciones puramente commercial “.

The prime minister-designate referred to inflation in Argentina, as he described as “a bad endemic” and recorded that “there are 15 years of mans and two digits”.

“When it comes to Gobierno and the Alcanzaba is 54%. We live in Europe, we also live in our country, but it is still an economy and very important for the effects that are very difficult,” said the President.

Photo of the Presidency
Photo: Presidencia.

The declarations of Fernández desde Paris in the day of the games of the National Institute of Statistics and Censors (India) die to know the price of consumer goods in the afternoon of April 6%, according to the 6.7% registered margin .


Fernández is still faithful to the Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “advertise that we are trying to get” and want to say that you are “always” different differences, but it is “enemiga” sino Mauricio Macri y “la derecha”.

“We always have different differences with Cristina. But she’s not my wife.”dijo Fernández in the interview with Le Monde.

“Cristina fue Presidenta durante ocho años. Estimo su inteligencia. Ella reclama que escuchemos sus propuestas. Solo que tiene una form of special express,” he concluded.

Fernández regress a la Argentina tras su gira europea

President Alberto Fenández and the committee that accompanied him on a tour of Europe will be the landmark of Argentina on board an airplane that took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport, in the Paris area, and that it should be close to the airport. Ezeiza International between 22:30 and 23.

It is fashionable, concludes the day that, four days ago, the prime minister realized for Spain, Germany and France.

In Spain, the President reunited with the Spanish Governor, Pedro Sánchez, and with King Felipe VI; in honor, in Germany, a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz; y, in France, met with President Emmanuel Macron, recently elected in his cargo.

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