The tensa scene in the previa conference of Brian Castaño ante Jermell Charlo and the advertency of Argentina

The moment of tension in the conference of Castaño vs. Charlo

The Argentine box will return to live on the next day, the tension of the shipment is on Saturday Dignity Health Sports Park of Carson when Brian Castaño or by the poster you can convert from the absolute top of the super welterweight category. The representative albiceleste return to Norwegian Jermell Charlo tras las controversias que existieron en julio del año pasado con el empata en las tarjetas.

El Boxesde 32 años e invicto, expondrá otra vez su corona de la Boxeo World Cup (OMB) and intentará unificar todas las fajas de la divisional contra el peleador 31 years that it is due to the other children who enter Boxeo World Cup Association (AMB), Boxeo World Cup Council (CMB) and the Boxeo International Federation (FIB). In this context, the hours of life in the field of living with absolute tension.

The local deportee intends to write in the press conference and search for the complexity of the court singing on the country, but the team of the South American Pellar does not know what else. “Argentina, Argentina, Argentina”, taparon sus gritos initially. When Charlo was born in his intention to dominate the scene, the men of Castaño continued with the alien: “We love you in the heart, we want to see the champion, but I’m not interested in what a great place, a local visitor and I want to see you …”.

The climate of tension and viene de la primera pelea cuando las tarjetas expusieron un empata pero con un juez que tuvo un fallo demasiado favorable al local: 114-113 para el argentino, una igualdad (114-114) y un llamativo 117-111 para Charlo.

“I want to build the United States … Argentina-United States, but this is the theme of the countries. The deporte une, the union for me is pacifica. We are not something from Argentina-United States, we want to say that I am very grateful with this country”, Interview Brian said that the contractor will be able to install a climate of tension in the conference.

Y advirtió: “Dice que va a volver a ser el Charlo de antes, a mí no me importa, me importa pelear, que haga lo que tenga que hacer y si viene a noquearme lo espero tranquilo, a ver si me aguanta los 12 rounds. Realistically, I was tranquil for the great work that all these months have done, we need to agree with everyone who will pass in the first round, with everything that can be done in the camp. Work at 1000 ¿What can you do next? Cer Do you want a little blood? No, vengo, disfruto de esto. The Sabbath is where you will be, but you will be able to do it. ”

The first one ended with a party (Photo: @ShowtimeBoxing)
The first one ended with a party (Photo: @ShowtimeBoxing)

People who want to watch this Saturday are in California, with television ESPN y TyC SportsCastaño también recorded the controversy that led to the rivals of the rivals in the first combat and confessed that in the last hours of the tambourine hubo preoccupation of the team of Charlo by his gantes.

“We say that we do not want to use these things, we are not well. Antes de subir el día de la pelea vienen los del Consejo y la Comisión. Can I ask you to review the world of giants? Ya te dije que no, que ya está. Did you say that no, ¿que van a hacer? Seguramente los van a usar igual. Y bueno que los usen, que le vamos a hacer ”, recordó sobre esa primera velada. And he said that now we will pay the marks of the brand Canelo Álvarez: “I am content. Los miraron y estaban, ¿ten oz? Yes, this is this. Los miraban. My dear Derrick James, who is a technician, has a habit and when he is wondering what is going on, what is going on and what is going on with what Charles. Los miró y le dijeron vos no podes. Listo, se los sacaron. But you are preoccupied.

The rematch took place during the March in Los Angeles, but Castaño was left unloaded on the beach and in the pele estuvo. Finally, the program will be reprogrammed: “I beg you for the lack of respect that you have the deportee. The lesson can go on a camp, more on a large beach. Para él todos sus oponentes o toman droga para rendir más o necesitan tiempo para ganarle a el porque lo del Iron Man se lo cree de verdad. The truth that it is something that is not something that makes you nervous, grit, we are talking awkwardly. That grit arrives from the ring on May 14 ”.


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