The Principality of Monaco Pagaría US $ 13 million in Charlene’s Espoo for no vaya del palacio

The principle Alberto II of Monaco agreed to pay his respects, Charlenecasi 13 millones de dollares per año para asegurarse de que cumpla con su papel de princesa consorte después de permanecer un año lejos del palacio, aquejada por problemas de salud física y mental.

Princess Charlene, a South African exadadora, pass the great part of 2021 and the principles of 2022 the rules of the family alleging health problems. After a period of one month in South Africa and another quarter of months in Switzerland, the return to Monaco in March.

Charlene of Monaco

Charlene de Monaco: la princesa está triste, é qué tendrá la princesa?

The long absence of Charlene in the principality and the separation of his children, of 8 years, expects rumors of matrimonial crisis. A series of orchestral photos of family and the affirmation that the princess has psychological problems but will not accept the news about her marriage.

The French media now affirm what Alberto II firm an “ultraconfidential contract” with a 12.6 payload millones of dollars by year to participate in its public functions as consortium.

A princess who “has a price”

High alder level, Charlene Lynette Wittstock, born in 1978 in Rhodesia (ahora Zimbabue), house with the Principality of Alberto de Monaco in 2011. They have two beautiful houses, the Principality of Herero Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Condes de Carladés.

El papel de la princesa consorte is not defined by the Constitution monegasca, but it is aparitión en las ceremonias estatales es necesaria. Además, dado que es la madre del principe heredero Jacques, ella cumpliría un rol clave como regente si el principe Alberto fallece antes de que el niño cumpla 18 años.

Charlene of Monaco

Gran Bretaña: the point of purchase of 70 reindeer years, Isabel II on her funeral list

Following diaries and French magazines, the principle of Alberto -hijo de los míticos Rainiero III and Grace Kelly- is “haciendo todo lo posible “para mantener a la princesa Charlene“ a su lado en publicos eventu “ of principle.

Entry requirements months of treatment in a specialized institution in Switzerland, the Princess consortium regression in Monaco in March and public accommodation with its show and holidays in April, at the festivals of Pascua. The palace has a gradual retomation of its functions.

But the princess does not regret her price, sino que hI want to be able to buy an ultra-confidential contract ”, dijo la revista francesa Voici. Haciéndose eco de la news, Paris Match dijo que Alberto II “pagaría una buena suma a la princesa para que apareciera a su lado”.

This form, waiting for Charlene to be assisted by the contract, at the Grand Prix of F1 of Monaco (May 29) and the Beneficiary of the Baile de la Rosa (July 8), from the Grimaldi dynasty to a papel clave en la fundraising, and the national festival (November).

One day that Charlene had more independent in financial terms

The Principality of Monaco divulga annually the assignment for the guests of the operation of the Palace of the Princes of Monaco, the residence of the Chamberlain family. The presumed state is 8 million euros per year, even I estimate that the private businesses of the Elevan dynasty lost 50 million.

Without embargo, the members of the Grimaldi family do not have official functions, which signifies that Charlene depends absolutely on the bulletin of the sea (which is also a multimillion-dollar property), for its personal staff.

Charlene of Monaco

Princess Charlene is looking for help from Monaco because of the “dead house” in South Africa

“For the sake of being the princess of the great grandchildren, but the effective one is not guaranteed”, said one of the most famous citations for the British press. “She passed for a very moment, for what I feel sorry for Charlene to treat her own property ”.

Charlene volvió in Monaco el 8 de novembre tras a larga estancia en Sudáfrica, donde había sufrido una operatión bajo anesthesia general a principis de oktubre, la ulti de una serie de intervencije decidcias tras una una infection infection.

Charlene de Mónaco 20220408

At the age of 96, the queen Isabel II will take the throne but the problems of health will come to her

Today, the palace informs the princess he is an intern ”in an establishment specialized in the fragility of its league ”, which confirms the affirmations about the mental health problems of Alberto II at the estadounidense review People.

The distinguished French expert Stephane Bern, an authorized author of the secrets of the monarchs, speculated without embargo that Charlene’s health is common a human story for tapar the problems matrimonial.

“El Palacio ha tenido que invoca a una princesa que sufre tantas veces que a los monegascos de hoy ya resulta difícil de creer”, escribió.


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