The history of the Bosnian narco game that cocaine traffic from Zárate in Europe

The Bosnian narco Bozidar Ratkovic search for a time and ideal for contaminating containers with varnishes of cocaine. Tenia claro que la ruta era la Hidrovía. Search for the city Rosario as a possible safe point, but without convention. Prefirió, en cambio, hacer base en Zárate desde donde zarpan buques repletos de mercadería rumbo a Europe.

Detectives from the Federal Police that will be able to assess the new months that the organization operates in the area for a year and a half. Creen que “Bozo”, tal como lo identificaban sus socios, habría logrado envíos exitosos y otros que quedaron en intentos.

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All modos, the maniobra can be found when Ratkovic, member of the cartel de Los Balcaneskill the angel in March, when the criminal organization that the leader inserted 149 bullets of a total weight of approximately 165 kilos with 610 grams of cocaine, in a company of Uranga Trading SA

The false document of the Bosnian narco.  (Photo: TN)
The false document of the Bosnian narco. (Photo: TN)

The cargo with the drug party on April 1 el buque “Grande Francia” of the company Grimaldi, rumbo al continente europeo. Place of passage through a port of Brazil, attracting by example in the port of Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain, the finals of this month.

El bosnio y sus complices no sabían que, en todo momento, esa entrega estaba siendo monitoreada por agentes de la Directorate General Operations of the Hydrogen Hydrogen of Paraná de la PFAbajo el mando del commissarabout Carlos Rodríguez Adrover and the Department of Aduana, the cargo of Walter Guillerme.

Todo se hizo a traves de gestiones ejecutadas por la PROCUNAR y la Fiscalía Especial Antidrogas del Reino de España on the basis of the existing cooperation within the Order of the Anti-Drug Fiscal Service of the Iberoamerican Association of Public Ministries (RFAI).

When he left, the boat was closed by the Police. In the container, he found cocaine lords, inside the blue bolts that llevaban los retratos de Alphonse Gabriel Capone (Al Capone) y de Nemesio Rubén Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho”, el jefe del Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, de México.

Operation “Promesas del Este”. (Photo: PFA).

The international operation was built “Promesas del Este” and finalized with the detainees of Bosnia and the eye of all, between them, in the countryside, in the country Boca Ratón de Pilar.

Además, los agents secuestraron 1.2 kilos of marijuana and 575 coins, 312,882 dollars, 1,091,285 pesos, four trucks, two cars, a motorcycle, a four-wheelerarms, cell phones and other elements of interest for the cause.

In the case of the federal government of Campana Adrián González Charvay and the fiscal Sebastián Alberto Bringas.

The criminal profile of Bozidar Ratkovic, the Bosnian narco who trades cocaine through Hydrovía

Bozidar Ratkovic combating in the war of Los Balcanes y creen que fue parte de intelligence services. Accustomed to homicide of an Italian policeforma parte de la lista roja de Interpol y fue requerido por la Justicia de Italia y Brasil.

In Argentina, there are four years of drug trafficking, where you can find local narcissists for the drug trafficking in Europe. The contact with the Colombian Mónica Liliana Gutiérrez Valencia used the ultimate tips.

To be liberated in 2020, a full pandemic, hizo base in Bolivia and Brazil. There is a recourse in various opportunities for the country, the house with a false Brazilian document. For this reason, your interests are not registered for Migrations, the difference of your main society, the Yugoslav Dragan Radulovic, detected in PFA operation.

“Bozo”, who also played the title “Brale”, was released in 2010 in Puerto Alegre, while Argentine Justice is looking for him. In this country it is related to the traffic 500 kilos of cocaine, valued at 1,230,000 euros, which were found in a floating boat near the Manaos, a city in the Amazons, in 2008.

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In this moment, the investigators pudieron know that serbia había nacido el 6 de enero de 1966 en Trebinje, pero usaba la identidad de Goran Simicwith the date of birth on October 14, 1968, with passport number 3012331, with the fact that he has completed his travels, a Colombia, Brazil and other countries.

The narco complex of Bozo.  (Photo: TN).
The narco complex of Bozo. (Photo: TN).

Tambéén que sus cómplices, un grupo de yugoslavos, se encontraban en Germany.

The hunts of the Serbian narco Ratkovic in Arroyo Seco and a penalty from Brazil

In the operations of drug dealers through the requisition of Argentina and in the area where Radulovic also participated, the gang desarrollaba with activity, in the interventions of a murdered house in the barrio ‘Playa Hermosa’, in the locality of Arroyo Seco (Santa) Fe), y utilizaba diferentes automóviles y barcos.

In Brazil, the criminal organization led by Serbia hizo base in Florianópolis and is dedicated to the export, cargo of cargo or tourism, cocaine opened in the South American countries, mainly Boliviafor sale in Europe and South Africa.

The history of the Bosnian narco who traded cocaine from Zárate in Europe and cayo in the super

When it was found in this country, Ratkovic usaba el apodo de “Doctor” and the false name of Slobodan Njegic, an identity with which he was recruited in the Penitentiary of the High Security of Charqueadas, has shown that he has been showing demons that he is being treated by “Bozo”.

This moment, live a life view in the bar Moema de San Pablo, where you can enjoy the cars in the high range, you can be considered a great asshole with jokes with the mafia europea, against the local press.

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The police looted the dormitory at a house in Puerto Alegre. Extradited to Argentina, bought foam and free.

At the same time, the Yugoslav society was filled with a fifth of Pilar, which is similar to other children. Ratkovic, more attention, intent to escape in the truck of Bolivia with a Brazilian document fake with the name of Jefferson Do Carmo Pereira.

No pudo, effective PFA lo sorprendieron in a station of a hypermarket of Escobar, antes de que la droga llegara a destino.


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