Spain is trying to strengthen the right to abortion The first week of empathy is to modify the living stone

The amplification of the abortion law reform of the Ministry of Igualdad, which was commented on in September 2021 with a public consultation, is the point of initiating the right to convert to money. El Ministry of Igualdad plan to read the text of the Council of Ministers of March. El texto, que lleva meses negociándose con diversos social actors i expertos, ampliará derechos no reconocidos hasta el momento en la norma y derogate from the prohibition of 16 and 17 years of age to carry out the interruption of the embassy without parental authorizationuna medida introducida durante el Gobierno del Partido Popular por el entonces ministro de Justicia Alberto Ruíz Gallardón.

Pero el borrador de la norma contiene, además, muchas novedades con respecto a la que se encuentra en vigor. Tal como announcing the Ministry of Igualdad to the last of the last months and what he has done Cadena Ser this is the norm, the norm is a change of model to guarantee that the interruption is voluntary be realized primarily in public centers and that one of the private centers and concerts is exceptional. In the news more than 84% of abortions are performed in concert clinics it is stated that many medical facilities declare objects of conciliation and no staff available for this practice.

To avoid this circumstance, the new norm is too high regular convention facility, creating a medical registry in each autonomous community (which has sanitary competencies) and assists to plan plants that ensure the interruption of public relations in public centers and hospitals. In 2020, the latest public data from the Ministry of Health, five autonomous communities, but no abortion was carried out in public centers and the number in the rest is anecdotal.

Tal as affirmed by the director of Institut de la Mujer, Toni Morillasin a recent interview with Publicthe new norm eliminates all things and “patriarchal tutela” hacia las mujeres. This feeling eliminates the three obligations of reflection that exist in the actuality and obligation to consider a preview with information before the embassy. Algunas Autonomous Communities, like the de Madridincluding information about helpful embedded women, but no specific information about the process. The norm guarantees the right to informationuna de las trabas que desde hace años denuncian las organizacion de de defensa de la salud sexual y reproduktiva en nuestro país.

Blind the law of unconstitutionality

The text also contains a disposition that supports the derogation from the actual abortion of 2010 when the new text is submitted. La vyente vigente fue recurrida hace doce años por el Partido Popular ante el Tribunal Constitucional, a recurrence that he is able to solve. With this medica, the Gobierno wants to make sure that he is able to act in a difficult way.

The windshield wipers, a type of violence

The anteprojecto considering how violencia hacia la mujer los vientres de alquiler, es decir, contraratar a mujeres para gestar un bebé, una praktica prohibida in España pero que muchas parejas realizan en el extranjero (principalmente el Estados Unidos y en países de la Europa del este as Ukraine). Además includes la Prohibition of the publication of intermediary companies in Spaina contestant in the case of Gobierno entre Unidas Podemos y el PSOE, which is considered as a “commercialization of its bodies and its reproductive functions” and which announced the annulment of the initiation of the legislation by Minister Irene Montero.

Pero Igualdad ha ido un paso málas alá en la persecución de esta practica que con esta norma se consideraría delictiva y ha incluido en la norma la posibilidad de que the Persian tribunals to the parishes that recur in this practice in the extremist.

Right to the menstrual health

The new norm includes an amplio chapter about the menstrual cycle, as a laboratory work to have the rule, which is three days and the fact that the educational centers guarantee the guarantee of hygienic products for menstruation, as a form of combat que se conoce como “pobreza menstrual”. Contemplation, tambourine, access to hygienic products of free form in women in situations of exclusion and eliminate IVA for these products. An implication that the actuality is 10%. Norma contempla también una baja laboral tras la interrupción voluntaria del embarazo.


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