Somoza piensa in las mismas caras, pero con Gamba

Leandro Somoza no realizó todavía las proebas finas del team, at the end, lejos is a confirmation of the part of the trainer about the one who will find the right to May Day. In this context, there is a list of those who travel, especially in the situation of Emiliano Vecchio. Claro, this indication is respectable to the team that can be considered with the canal technician and has the power to put it in the can, but to be able to comply with the agreement with the retiree Giant when Central le ganó a Students, for the last day of the day Copa de la Liga Professional. It is, in principle, only to be considered indispensable for the absence and definitiveness of the goal scorer. Marco Ruben. All of the fireplaces lead to the overhauled channel of the sera Lucas Gamba. Otro de los que tiene chance de meterse entre los once es Milton Caraglio, pero esa posibilidad parece poco probable.

Somoza sabe que el partido contra May Day it is the sum of transcendence for Central for the little semester that you have the team and the goal form that includes the future of the field is at the end of the result that stretches the canal.

For these speculations in the preview of what the only mantendrá the base, it is his idea to practice practically with his team. It’s more, yes Ruben no man decided to retire or he was extended to the continuity of the man’s part, certainly the coach of the man who was never married.


Somoza is retreating from the camp accompanied by Gamba, who wants to do it.

Somoza is retreating from the camp accompanied by Gamba, who wants to do it.

Leonardo Vincenti / La Capital

I think it’s a bad thing Marco puso a Somoza front to the obligation to realize a variant and to be estuvo trabajando durante toda la semana. Y lo dicho, Gamba es el jugador que corre con ventaja en esta carrera.

Gamba I do not have the characteristics that Ruben, but it is one of the footballers that the mayor rodaje tuvo desde la llegada de Somoza, quien varias veces lo utilizó como titular y cuando eso no sucedió el mendocino fue una de las primeras alternativas a la hora de realizar algún cambio en medio de un partido. It is true that in most cases it is useful to use it, but without it, it is true that it works in the right way. For this series, the mendocino accompanying the juvenile offensive Alejo Velizquien a esta altura tendría un lugar asegurado por los goles que convirtió en los últimos partidos (uno frente a Huracán y el restante ante Estudiantes).

The ser Gamba the elegio sí cambiaría en cierta formu la fisonomía del equipo en la bússqueda del arco contrario. What is the mendocino is more than ever, to draw diagonals and search permanently, the differences, the difference of Ruben, who is always characterized by being present in the area. All the little handicaps that are open for Caraglio.

For the most part, I don’t know how to imagine big racks in the team. If you come here Somoza jogó casi todos los partidos con enganche (el único en que planteó algo distinto fue el de su debut como trainer, ante Tigers), it is logical that it is not an idea. Y Luciano Ferreyrawhich in turn converts, is a number that can be used to determine the function of the link.


The only question is what he said Somoza front a Students fue el ingreso de Walter Montoya y el chaqueño respondió de buena manera, por lo que se supone que continuará entre los titulares. Hoy Claudio Yacob y Marcelo Benítez son⁇ fiya.

For this, the only one who is the teacher of analysis to be on the defensive, but in this field he also knows how to conform, especially for Damián Martínez, who came to a bad level but in the last part of his match. king. Facundo Almada, Juan Cruz Komar y Lautaro Blanco estarán en la misma situation that los mediocampistas Yacob y Benitez.

¿Y Vecchio?

Have what the list of concentrates do not know to know but Emiliano Vecchio will be one of those who travel to the provincial capital to play before May Day. It is clear that this is not considered to be the title, but the idea that it is part of the delegation.

Having the account that passes in the last matches of the local tournament (in the bank against Hurricane y Students), Vecchio debiera integrar la lista, pero es tanto lo que se está hablando respecto a la continuidad del volante offensivo una vez que finalice el semestre para el canalla que por estos días se puede esperar quacquier deción de parte del entrenador.

Speculations on the margins, Somoza is also in time to try the team, even though it insists, this posture is related to what the game is about (with the exception of Ruben) with the team that lives to dispense with a triumph of the Copa de la Liga Professional.

Arranca for sale

It will be sold in the entrances for the previous evening May Daypor la Copa Argentina. El expendio sera en el Giant of Arroyitode 10 a 18. Central has access, in principle, 10 million locations, with the possibility of solicitar algunas más, en caso de que sea necesario. El costo de las entradas es de 1,500 pesos la popular y 3,000 la platea.


Los Hinchas canals can be reached via Santa Fe for the Somoza team.

Los Hinchas canals can be reached via Santa Fe for the Somoza team.

Leonardo Vincenti / La Capital

If you have a remainder, the sale will continue on Fridays, from 10 to 13, and a date that is important to say in the right place Central is not known for sale in Santa Fe, for those who did not receive their tickets here in Rosario or enter the stadium on April 15.

Tendran priorisad los socios, con la particularidad de que un socio, con carné en mano, puede adquirir hasta cinco localidades.

It took a lot of money from Central to be able to watch his team Giant of Arroyito. The last one that will be a success in May 2019, when the team is in charge of these entons Diego Cocca play the Supercopa Argentina before Boca, in the stadium Argentine Malvinas de Mendoza, donde el canalla igualó sin goles y cayó por 5 a 4 en la definición por penales.

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