Scandal for a couple who are obligated to play for 6 years to run a marathon:

Loch ocho integrantes de la familia Crawford, luego de haber cruzado la meta (@fightfortogether)
Loch ocho integrantes de la familia Crawford, luego de haber cruzado la meta (@fightfortogether)

El 1 de mayo Ben y Kami Crawford participated in the marathon family Flying Pig celebrated in Cincinnati. The great news is what the couple completes the record of their home, including the little Rainier, of the apenes of their years. Luego de que se viralizaran las imágenes, el repudio hacia ambos padres se multiplicó al cuestionar cómo habían obliado al pequeño a recorrer los 42,195 kilometers de la prueba.

As a must, we will be in your social networks, the family will be able to participate in this type of competencies and will be able to do so. Without embargo, he hears that a girl of six years sums up these misfortunes that generate critical criticism that she has the Infantil Protection Services intervene at the bottom. “Llegaron a nuestra casa sin previo aviso y entrevistaron a nuestros hijos, padres y abuela. This is a process of landing in general, the children are interrogated by their parents, against their will, and they have determined the legal right of the agency of the guitarists of the children, ”said Ben and Kami Crawford on Instagram. Además, aseguraron que ellos no ejercen ningún tipo de abuso sobre sus hijos.

“Someone informs us that we are arresting Rainiero from the 13th century and cruising the line of drawing against the will of the people. The 8 members of the family and the eyepieces (including the police), and our hours of filming reveal a different history: Rainiero is a humane joven que estaba muy decidido a terminar y nunca fue arrastrado UNA VEZ en todo el recorrido”, Explicaron.

No embargo, in front posts revelaron que el niño padeció la probeba, a tal punto que en varios momentos pidío detenerse: “Establishing a trip and looking to take a break and start every three minutes”, contacted a post made after the marathon. After all, we explained, the girl only wanted to eat papal fritas, which was included in the 20th millennium: (Rainiero) Estab llorando y avanzábamos lento, asi que le dije que le compraría dos tubos (de papas fritas) si seguía moviéndose ”.

Los padres del niño aseguraron que ellos no forzaron a su hijo a completar el recorrido (@fightfortogether)
Los padres del niño aseguraron que ellos no forzaron a su hijo a completar el recorrido (@fightfortogether)

This is an episode in which the exposition of the chico is exposed, but it is the only one that has been published. Included, in another test the short story that has manifested itself in the lack of these problems: “It simply came to our notice then. We have 4 hours. Rainier said: ‘No gusta que me apresures y no es divertido’. We are correcting our despair. We are not the only ones to finish the marathon in time, but we want to end the race ”.

Ben and Kami Crawford argue that they are not obligated to take part in the race, sino que fue él quien quiso hacerlo para estar junto a sus padres ya sus cinco hermanos. I also like the members of the cruise line at the same time, 8 hours a day and 35 minutes.

In an extended communication, the fathers of the defender of the defense against the shareholder and the insurer who are well supported by the moment of the record, this is part of the test: “It simply came to our notice then. You have a family and a family member of our family during the long marathon. These experiences are very limited in comparison with what you have informed y, a pesar de la increíble dificultad física y emocional de correr un maratón, la cantidad de su llanto es comparable a lo que hubiéramos experimentado si nos hubiéramos quedado en casa un domingo por la mañana ”.

Ultimately, in reference to the incentive to use Rainier at the end of the year for free-flowing papayas, it is the type of method used “to use moderation and care”, and to add: “Our children’s methods are not conventional, but we do not believe that the accusations of the arguments with incorrect facts are useful ”.

The Crawford family competes in this style (@fightfortogether)
The Crawford family competes in this style (@fightfortogether)

The Crawford family break

May 1, our family of 8 people ends a marathon of 26.2 miles (42,195 kilometers). This is the first marathon that our family has ever fought. Nuestros 5 hijos mayores esperaron más de una hora en la milla 25 y después de 8 horas y 35 minutos todos cruzamos la línea de meta juntos. After 2 days celebrating with friends, the form in which we pass the day is very much attentive to the attention of those who are accusing us of being irresponsible and including abusive. With this fine, my taste exposes some people to the public conversation.

1. No one is obligated to listen to any of our hits and run a marathon and we can’t imagine that this is a factual fact in emotional practice. We gave all our children the option for each race. The year passed by the children of corrieron without us. In 9 years we received a total of 53 medals, in the mayor’s office for the children. Este año, después de rogar por unirse a nosotros, permitimos que nuestro hijo de 6 años entrenara y lo intentara. Ambos padres le dimos una probabilidad de 50/50 de completarlo i estábamos listos para disconnectarlo en casualquier momento si lo solicitaba o si veíamos en riesgo su seguridad. We can count on the number of events you want to go to and see MUY clear that your preferences will continue. We don’t have to worry about the heat and dehydration and honor of our continuum.

2. We are very angry. You have a family and a family member of our family during the long marathon. These experiences are very limited in comparison with what you are informed about, and you can understand the physical and emotional deficit of correcting a marathon. the man. Many people are incorrectly informed that the people of the world will be “in their totality” or “the mayor” of the career and that they will be numbered. With our final time, it is impossible to terminate the last 5 million mostly only and the experience of the mayor of the people with nosotros in a time of 30 seconds. Those who have this affirmation are sure and absolute, but they do not have a good time.

3. Para aquellos que afirman que obligamos a nuestros hijos a correr por los clics o el dinero, estas affirmaciones no tienen fundamento. We are posting clicks and our videos and a video of USD 10 – USD 30 per day. Apenas paga el equipo. We can do everything possible to prioritize the health and experience of our home in a compartment with any other person. Communicating these stories is a passionate project that we want to cooperate with and work with our children.

4. Finally, no publication claims to capture the complete completion of our methods of creation or the success of the marathon. Captured a moment of sentiment. No puedes sobornar a un niño para que entrene cientos de horas y corra 26 millas bajo el calor por una lata de pringles. If you can’t see this, you are too proud of us. We have time to watch the video that details the process that we can use to exercise and is in the heart of the heart and the heart of the father. Yes, the negotiation and encouragement are methods of learning that we are alone, but we are using moderation and care.


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