¿San Lorenzo can you pay for Gorosito de Gimnasia?

Pipo is waiting to be taken to Ciclón, which is due to the fact that it is safe. A number less than that which complicates this moment. How are the deals with the alternatives.

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Don’t miss the results of the last contractors’ contractions San Lorenzo de Almagro. With the illusion, many names are mentioned that do not terminate the term of the project and the debtor is the one who culminates in the contracting. Después del Pampa Biaggio (2017/18), pasaron Almirón, Pizzi, Monárriz, Tocalli (interino), Soso, Dabove, Romagnoli (interino), Montero, Monárriz otra vez (una transición), Troglio y Berón (interino). For all concepts, 11 technical changes! y ninguna flor, is clear. Hoy, a new manager (also interested in Palabrita), Matías Caruzzo, internar sin sin margen de error encontrar un DT that adapts to this complicated moment of the institution.

The priority is Nestor Raúl Gorositohoy trabajando en Gimnasia La Plata. An old connoisseur, who has the acceptance of the mayor of the hearts for this moment, and that ya sonó varias veces para hacerse cargo. Why don’t you give up? Because of the coincidence of the moments (Pipo estaba trabajando) the search for distinctive profiles, modern techniques, a different image. Do you know this connection? It’s not easy to save from Lobo. On the other hand, there is a clause that the term should be determined by the contract, which is very important, but it is very difficult to find the answer to the Cyclone: ​​U $ S 200 million more months to win than last December. This series is the work of the mayor, and that Mispo Pipo derives from the conductors to charlatan with his help (because of the fact that he has not been dismissed) and manifested in various opportunities that can be seen with the people of San Lorenzo. juntar.

The other alternatives that the mannequin in Casla, in addition to Pipo, will be different, are the Mauricio Pellegrino and Rubén Darío Insua. Longaniza, con quien ya tuvieron algunas charlas, seduce desde su seriedad y el trabajo reciente mostrado en Velez. I have a technical body with a conocido by Boedo with Gustavo Campagnuolo, a trainer of arches who will work with Bauza in 2014 and will guard the club. It is a specific name, it is not possible to meet all the terms of the passion.

El mo se si moviliza los corazones es el Gallego Insua. Winner of an international cup as DT and an idol for many in the 1982 high school title, llegaría con otro ex San Lorenzo como ayudante: Fabián García. Once upon a time, married to Marcelo Tinelli, we were looking for the door for a possible return. But now Marcelo is here, the chances are real. The duda de los conductors is the song that can be conducted in Argentine football.

The week starts with a meeting with Juan Ramon Carrasco. The Uruguayan is back, but it is not unloaded for your sake and your activity. Gustó mucho su carácter, algo que para algunos directiveivos que lo escucharon, es lo que le hace falta al plantel. Ángel Bernuncio seriea su ayudante, alguien que también conoce mucho el Mundo San Lorenzo.

Do you have a tapped Caruzzo? Are you waiting for someone to surprise you like this time with Paolo Montero? I believe that the moonlight is the beginning. If you don’t want to support the days before this day, Pipi Romagnoli will be the cargo of the interior style that will take the salvation of Boedo.

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