Rugby World Cup: Australia and United States hotels close to the quotes

With the peace of the city in the rugby and the expansion of rugby in the long beach ahead of the middle ground, World Rugby officially in Australia and United States as one of the closest to the World Cup, in 2027 and 2031, respectfully. In this way, I will break the law to write that every year the World Cup is played in Europe, as it has always been here.

Será la tercera vez que la maxima cita se dispute in Australia y la primera que se traslade a América, siguiendo con la tendencia que commenzó en el ultimo Mundial de 2019, cuando Japón se konvirtió en el primer país asiático y la primera nacio no traditional del rugby at the hotel event.

The seats were established and the only success was the approval of the World Rugby Council Council, which will continue to be held in the annual meeting of Cabo in Dublin, Ireland. World Rugby also announced the sessions of the proximity of the Feminos World Cup, which is the result of the new release (poster of 2021), in New Zealand. The citadel venideras seran en Inglaterra in 2025, in Australia in 2029 and in United States in 2033.

“The Conseil also approves a new model that allows Rugby to create alliances with the unions and national governments to establish a local structure in each country,” he said.

The December 2027 in Australia, which took place in New Zealand in the 1987 World Cup and was launched in 2003, marks the return of the Hemisphere on the 16th of June years, released by other sports like the Rugby League and the Aussie Rules (Australian football). Además, will be enlisted in a grand event of the Australian Governorate by the sports team, which includes the Commonwealth Games of 2022, the Tournament of the Lions of 2025, the Feminino World Cup of 2029 and the final of the Olympic Games of Brisbane 2032.

The alliance between the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Games also makes it easy to quit. Compensation with Japan 2019 / Tokyo 2020, continued with France 2023 / Paris 2024 and extended with the Australian and Los Angeles 2028 / United States 2031 experience.

“The new model refutes the success of the selection process that has made the postulates tangible and confusing, showing the potential to offer great results so much for the competition as the sports”, aggregated the communication of World Rugby. “Japan Day 2019 results in a record of winnings and with France 2023 recorded as a result of all sales stamps, commercial and television commercials, the Rugby World Cup has been converted into an attractive offer for youngsters” .

In 2016, Joe Biden, vice president, joined the All Blacks
In 2016, Joe Biden, vice president, joined the All BlacksCHRIS MCKEEN / AFP – Archive / AFP

En el gran país del norte, la apuesta de World Rugby tiene varios aristas. The rugby country treats the most important mayor in the last years, potential for the seven-year-old Olympics (organized by the San Francisco World Cup 2018) and the professional league (MLR) creation in 2018. El Interes de Estados Unidos por desarrollar el rugby llegó hasta el presidente Joe Biden, quien participó activante en la campaña de seducción para lograr la doble sede. For World Rugby, naturally, you are looking for a very southerly market.

The “seductive operation” was launched at World Rugby including a special card that the propio president of the state, Joe Biden, envió al titul de la entidad, el englés Bill Beaumont, una gloria de este deporte. What is the card? “The United States of America will be able to enjoy the Rugby World Cup Tournament in 2031 and the Rugby World Cup Tournament Femenino in 2033 in our country and wait to work with Rugby World Cup Limited to entertain the Rugby World Cup has more history outlets ”.

Eddie Jones, actual coach of Inglaterra;  in Australia to repatriate
Eddie Jones, actual coach of Inglaterra; in Australia to repatriate@RugbyWorldCup

It is confirmed that in 2027, Australia now has a primordial lens, which is to repatriate a trainer with what he has in mind: Eddie Jones. The 62-year-old, born in Tasmania, led the destinations of the Wallabies in the 2003 World Cup, realized in the country. In this quote, the Australians quedaron with the spinach, and in the final perdieron with Inglaterra with an inolviable aperture of Jonny Wilkinson.

Following the advice of the English diary The Guardian, the idea of ​​the Australians is in the search of Eddie Jones, who conducts the selection of Inglaterra in the proximity of the World Cup of France (with the team of Rosa also won the finalist in 2019, when I met of South Africa).

1987: New Zealand and Australia. Champion: New Zealand

1991: Gran Brittany, Ireland and France. Champion: Australia

1995: South Africa. Champion: South Africa

1999: Gales. Champion: Australia

2003: Australia. Champion: England

2007: France. Champion: South Africa

2011: New Zealand. Champion: New Zealand

2015: England. Champion: New Zealand

2019: Japan. Champion: South Africa

2023: France

2027: Australia

2031: United States

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