Ringtones to play Diario de Cuyo

The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the San Juan Mozarteum was held tonight and with a special presentation: the recognized clarinetist Mariano Rey, who gave a concert in the Chamber of San Juan, in the Juan Victoria Auditorium. The ensemble interprets the concerto for clarinet and orchestra in La mayor K.622 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, move Allegro, Adagio y Rondó; also serenade D.957 Ständchen, by Franz Shubert; “El oboe de Gabriel”, main theme of the film La Misión, by Ennio Morricone; and the quintet for clarinet in Si flat mayor, by Carl María von Weber. For the last time, we have a pieza important to the operatta María de Buenos Aires, el allegro de Tangabile, de Ástor Piazzolla. The soloist of the Mar del Plata was born in the provinces of the province, for the articulation of the ensays with the Camerata. The sessions will take place in the studio, especially prepared, which will be available at the Teatro del Bicentenario. Finding and understanding results in instant and natural para, for marplatense and for the amphitheaters. “The truth that you can work with the Camera is spectacular”, defined Rey to comment on the story of DIARIO DE CUYO. “I have a lot of experience and depth, in terms of musicality, this is an elegant repertoire, I have a very high level. In the style, I have a lot of details and the orchestra is still working very well, the height of which this program is worthwhile and I am very tasty with this group of artists, so I can feel a good sensation in all these parts of the company “, commented the soloist.

The sound of the clarinet sound in the center of the stage. Para Rey, who has a solid national and international career as a Concertmaster of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Colón Theater, among other laurels, is in agreement with the opening of the San Juan Mozarteum in relief of the palette of colors that the instrument can play: “Es un an instrument that offers a great flexibility of style and play with the third third of sound, an extra suitability of volume and a sweetness in a register with a lot of amplio, with very great graves and other sobriet notes. obras elegidas, se puede express “, señaló.

With all the skills that make the instrument beautiful, so much for the music of the chamber as for contemporary jazz, the territory that transit Mariano is very much like: “As a musician I generate a lot of sensitive sensibility” y estar en el centro del escenario, es consciente de que se manifiestan sentimientos, emociones y hasta las historias de vida, todo en un solo momento.

. Me tocó una fibra que no generé yo, sino la música. Por eso, el clarinete produce melodías a flor de piel “, comment; y sostuvo que desde el lado del oyente ocurre ocuna una situation situation: “Es una invitación a que el espectador escuche y se deje llevar por sus recuerdos, es una experiencia muy fuerte y significativa para cada uno. Si el intérprete logra llegar al interior del espectador , este se pone al servicio de las emociones y suceden cosas extraordinarias, haciendo que vuele con sus propias emociones “, apuntó el músico, para quien pararse en el escenario no es maş que mostrarse tal cual es, más allá del hecho artístico, llegando al public of the form of genuine.

I would like to consider what the world can do with your music and that it gives great satisfaction and confidence that it will be appreciated at the moment it is now. “I have the opportunity to express with the sons, I am a bandit and I want to pay attention to the shoes of a musician. I only know the countries and cities, I want to be with the important people of culture, with examples of figures, but also to travel with me, to help me, to teach, to teach and to transmit. For this music, I will be looking for something that is not a term “, said the concertist, who also spoke about what he wanted to accept the invitation of Mozarteum to act in the province.

“Hay mucha gente querida y conocida que tengo aqui y que disfruto mucho. Me pone contento colaborar en que Mozarteum tenga presencia firma en cada filial del país, eso suma mucho valor agregado; y San Juan es una plaza musical interesante y hay mucho nivel y preoccupation of the part of your music for a good evening “, considered Rey.

The igual manera, Pablo Grosman, la voz referent de la Camerata, coincidió en el buen clima vivido en las sesionie de ensayo con el clarinetista. “I would like to know how to feel, because I have to learn and interact with the level of living an adventure. Always in this type of research there is an infinity of possibilities that can be given, some people can be given good food, but not enough. positive and good mood and fluidity between all our friends “, said the violinist. “Y desde lo humano, Mariano es super agradable, respetuoso y accesible. Esas kualidades son necesarias para trabajar; además de ser un gran muzico, que tiene conceptos solidis en lo estético y en lo técnico”, expresó satisfecho con el encentado y ent llevar esta amalgama a scena.

Mariano Rey y la Camerata San Juan en el Auditorio Juan Victoria, hoy a las 21.30 hs. General entries of $ 1,500 and $ 500 for the 25-year-olds. In the hospital and in the offices of the Mozarteum (Ignacio de la Roza 161 west, local 5).


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