Revelan la primera imagen del agujero negro supermasivo en el corazón de nuestra galaksia

PARÍS.- An international team of astronomers announcing this game that captures primera imagen del agujero negro supermasivo ubicado en el centro de la Via Lácteathree years since the death of a similar child in the galaxy M87.

The collaboration, a project known as the EHT (Event Horizon Telescope) presented, in various press conferences, the “Silhouette” of the black-skinned Sagitario A * (Sgr A *) about a luminous disco.

This image is similar to that of the giant black man of the Lejana Galaxy M87, a great mayor of Via Láctea and that the EHT diffused in 2019. The creepians believe that this is a test that our missionary principles of physics operate in the heart of our systems. very different.

Technically a black man who can be directly examined, and the object is so danceable, and his love is so beautiful, that include the light that can escape your attraction. But you can detect the material that circulates in your surroundings, before you are angry.

The aguerious negroes are denominados estelares cuando tienen la masa equivalente al triple del Sol, y son catalogados supermasivos cuando su masa equivalene a miles, o incluso miles de millones de soles. Sagittarius A * fue bautizado así tras ser detectato en la dirección de la constelación de Sagitario. You have a mass of four million soles and you have a total of 27,000 years since the land of Tierra.

His existence took place in 1974, but he discovered a radio station in the center of the galaxy. In the years 1990, astrophysics vario confirmed the presence of a super-massive object in this place, which was supplemented by the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics.

The image that has become known is represented by young people primera visual test of this object.

The EHT is an international radio observatory, located in Sierra Nevada (Spain) and near the Atacama Desert (Chile).

In 2019, the team logged in the image, history, of the black and white supermassive of M87, equivalent to 6,000 million solar masses and killed 55 million light years. El Sgr A * represents a lot of “plum weight” in comparison.

“We have two types of galaxies completely different and two masses of aguros negroes very different, but the exam on the boards, esos agujeros se parecen enormemente” explained Sera Markoff, co-president of the EHT Research Council, in a statement that accompanied the announcement.

“This is a test that (general theory) relativity of general application” in ambos casos, añadió.

The image presented is fruit of different hours of observation realized essentially in 2017, and the number of years of calculations and simulations led by more than 300 researchers from 80 institutes.

The image is very different from the M87 * porque the black man in the center of Via Láctea is very small and beautiful because of the polls and gases que se extienden sobre miles de años luz y lo ocultan. The gas that the rodea only needs a few minutes to give the view of this galactic object, the house of the light, the lights that in the M87 house * necesita dos semanas. This signifies that the luminosity and configuration of the gas change very quickly during the observation.

“As you want to take a photo of a girl who wants to go to school”commented Chi-Kwan Chan, a focus of the EHT.

The two images that now possess the values, and in comparison, allow detailed study of the material in extreme conditionswith plasma “miles from millions of degrees, magnetic currents and material circulating in an illuminated speed” explained to AFP by Professor Heino Falcke, ex-responsive to the EHT-centered consensus that produced the M87 image *.

These conditions are allowed explore phenomena such as space-time deformations near a supermassive objectpredicted in the general theory of relativity that Albert Einstein formulated in 1915.

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