Martín Fierro 2022: protocols, great absences, a homage to controversy and internal affairs

Five days of the entrance ceremony the most important premiums from argentina television, los Martín FierroLuis Ventura gives some details of the event.

In a charla with Carmen Barbieri and the panelists of Mañanisima, by Ciudad Magazine, the president of APTRA confirmed who would be the biggest and most famous figures who will be engaged at night, reveling some internal affairs of the institution and habló de un homenaje que podría generar polemica.

Luego de contar que este año se va a realizar una de las fiestas más grandes hasta el momento –“Va a ser la fiesta maş gigante de todas las que se hicieron”, aseveró-Ventura reveló que irán maš de 700 invitados, que se trata de una edición muy importante, ya que sera la primera post pandemia, y quo todos los participantes -entre ellos también los miembros de APTRA- deberán hisoparse para ingresar al salon.

With respect to the invitations, Pampito le recordó a Ventura quienes hasta ahora avisaron que no serán parte de la movida: Moria Casán she is in the theater Brujas y Julio César, Jorge Lanata be on the road to the y and y Marcelo Tinelli, what acaba de ser news by the separation of Guillermina Valdéstambién se dio de baja.

Without commenting, the periodical prefers to comment to those who are present: Susana Giménez and Mirtha Legrand. “El Martín Fierro has a brilliant drink”, said the rest of the importation of the great grandchildren.

Luis Ventura, President of APTRA, the tenth presence of great figures such as Marcelo Tinelli and Jorge Lanata
Luis Ventura, President of APTRA, the tenth presence of great figures such as Marcelo Tinelli and Jorge Lanata

“You have to figure out what to do a premium with brilliant inlaysva a haber un gran regalo, una gran alhaja para uno de los assistants, va a haber shows international, transmissions for the outside, you have a concept of television that you have to be able to do with a lot of heat, with the city, as a holiday party ”, said Ventura in an adelanto of which to support the proximity of domino pero sin but many more details of respect. There is also an important record holder of the three years of pandemics and relational experiences with virtual reality.

After the program, Damián Rojo is in Carmen Barbieri que Ventura prepares a man for Diego Armando Maradona and invited him to Verónica Ojeda -Amiga staff of the President of APTRA- and Dieguito Fernando at the entrance of the premiums.

In despair with the decision, the periodical explicitly states that this homage to the controversy generated by Maradona did not work on television at all. – “In what quality?”se preguntó- y que también podrían ofenderse el resto de los familiares de El Diez. “Los Martín Fierro no son el cumpleaños de Luis Ventura,” said Rojo.

Maradona y homenaje que no es compartido por todos los mémbros de APTRA:
Maradona y homenaje que no es es compartido por todos los mémbros de APTRA: “¿En calidad de qué?”, ​​Preguntó el periodista Damián RojoAFP

“I want to invite everyone to Maradona to have another party”, defend Ventura. “Damián Rojo can go to the great festival of the Maradona, which is the hague in the terrace of the house that you want to invite everyone, and what the pony”, said, explaining that it is very difficult to organize an event of this type.

“I know a lot of people who want to make you pay for your food. It sells and organizes a party, an entry between awards. That of the Golden Roy”, Continued. I want to say that she is united, but that with Rojo she has substantial differences, that she never wants to vote for a prize and that she is motivated by the ego of the periodists. we don’t have a field for the spectacle programs.

Finally, and the location of a large parate, the 15th anniversary of May at the Hilton Hotel Puerto Madero is located on the Cabo los Martín Fierro 2022. Marley’s cargo route, the red alphabet covered by Paula Chaves and Roberto Funes Ugarte and the transmission of the realized Telefe.

This issue is con 35 years old who have between 3 and 4 nominees each of them, and además de un Martín Fierro de oro has a special surprise. In other years, the award of the people, which is the reason for celebrating the majority of the public, is now in the public domain, without embarrassment.

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