Marcelo Tinelli announced his return to television: “We are back with everything”

Marcelo Tinelli announced the return on TV (Instagram)

Hasta ahora, todo eran trascendidos. What a new format. It looks like a sabbatical year. What a change of mind. This is the end, in what Marcelo Tinelli get to know the steps of your TV show. I saw the day that I wanted to separate from Guillermina Valdésa new year of relationships, in a piece of information that you know Teleshow. With the energies left in the work, the man most excited about the last three decades of television and has a new problem for the trousers of The Third.

“Come back with everything! Come on CANTA CONMIGO AHORA!! Very ready for ElTrece ”, Tinelli wrote on Twitter that he also posted a video on Instagram and took a look at some of the images from the cycle that could be passed with a lot of excitement in different parts of the world. of Brazil to Finland and of the Dinamarca to Malaysia. In this format, every graduate student will be able to get rid of the talent of a court of 100 experts and will be able to sing all the songs. If you miss the title of the initiation, it will be in the second year of the year and mark the return of the boy of Bolivar, the final game of The Academy de ShowMatch the past 10th of December.

The material is also published by the official account of the producer LaFlia y de El Trece, donde adasás estipularon algunas de las condicioné de inscripción. Comcurrent with some formats Singing by heart, the program presents a federal and long-term convocation in different points of the country. En Canta conmigo ahora can participate professional singers or amateurs within all music genreswith requisito de ser mayores de 18 años o cumplirlos antes del 30 de junio 2022, y disponer del carnet de vacunación completo.

Así fue el 2021 de ShowMatch en El Trece

I am interested in having prepared the topics, and one of them should be in Spanish. Deben assist with a musical track in a pendrive and también deberán interpreter a chapel. a chapel. You can choose as a soloist or two-year-old, but you are not allowed to present groups or auditions with real estate topics.

Days, hours and places of instruction:

La Banda (Santiago del Estero): Date: Monday 23 and May 24. Place: Nodo Tecnológico ”(Avenida de Los Molinos e Industria Argentina) Time: from 10 to 17. Corrientes (Corrientes): Date: Monday 23 and May 24. Place: Concepto yapire (Avenida Alfonsín 3701) Hours: de 10 a 17.

San Juan (San Juan). Date: March 24 and Wednesday 25 May. Place: Centro Cultural Conte Grand (Las Heras 170 north). Hours: 10 a 17. San Miguel de Tucumán (Tucumán). Date: June 26 and May 27. Place: Sala Miguel Ángel Estrella (Virgen de la Merced 157). Hours: 10 a 17.

El Tinelli's post on Twitter
El Tinelli’s post on Twitter

Córdoba (Córdoba). Date: March 31 May and Wednesday 1 June. Place: 220 in Plaza de la música (Coronel Olmedo, Esquina Costanera). Hours: 10 a 17. Rosario (Santa Fe). Date: March 31 May and Wednesday 1 June. Place: Canal 3 de Rosario (Avenida Presidente Perón 8101). Hours: 10 a 17.

City of Buenos Aires / AMBA. Date: June 2 and June 3. Place: La Usina del Arte (Agustín Caffarena 39). Hours: from 10 to 18. Salta (Salta). Date: June 6 and June 7. Place: Casa del Bicentenario (Avenida Independencia 910). Hours: 10 a 17. San Salvador de Jujuy. Date: June 9 and June 10. Lugar: Centro de arte joven andino (CAJA) (Alvear 534). Hours: 10 a 17.

Santa Fe (Santa Fe). Date: June 9 and June 10. Place: Rivadavia 2513. Hours: de 10 a 17. Mar del Plata. Date: March 14 and June 15. Place: Hotel Hermitage (Avenida Colon 1643). Hours: 10 a 17. Resta confirmmar precisiones para la ciudad de Mendoza, cuya inscripción sera el martes 7 y mércoles 8 de junio. If you are interested, you can assist in the process of casting or casting in your city, and you can support the virtual form in the channels of the canal.


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