Luisa Albinoni recorded when Beatriz Salomon separated from Alberto Ferriols:

Alberto Ferriols, exmarido of Beatriz Salomón, killed himself in the center of the controversy about being an allanado and a child of young women. The shareholder of the security forces is a couple of weeks since they were presented with a denunciation against him, in the composition of which he is in his house guarded by different weapons. In the midst of the debacle that took place with the news, he wanted to debate the scandalous separation of the doctor and the actress, in this brand, Luisa Albinoni recordó los duros momentos que atravesó su amiga después del final de su relación. “I’m trying to get sick, with physical problems, I’m trying to get the weight out of a dog,” he said.

Luisa Albinoni recorded at Beatriz Salomón

Albert Ferriols wanted to meet in the world of his public life when he wanted to live in the middle of his time. Bettina, who has 18 years and has a couple of living weeks with her, escaped a night of her house to help her. Luego de encontrarse con Daniel Salomón, su tío, se presentedo en una komisaría y dejó asentado que su padre no solo poseía varias armas en su casa sino que en repetidas ocasiones la había amenazado con las mismas.

The games for the mañana, the police set up the house of cirujano and, effectively, meet with an arsenal of weapons, ammunition, cashews, spices and food, varias de ellas sin la debida authorización legal para tenerlas. Consequently, he was detained. On the other hand, Luisa Albinoni -bejor amiga de Beatriz Salomón- acudió a Cortá por Lozano (Telefe) to speak about the last days of the exvedette y, en plena entrevista, recordó los duros momentos que vivió tras su separación.

Alberto Ferriols was found by the amenases and tendencies of firearms
Alberto Ferriols was found by the amenases and tendencies of firearms

Beatriz Salomón for rent with Alberto Ferriols in 1999 with the family name. Al no poder tener hijos de manera biológica decidieron adoptar. Asi llegaron a sus vidas Noelia y, tempo después, Bettina. But he hoped that he would be able to build a violently destroyed country, in 2004, he was separated in the middle of a scandal. It was a year ago in the wake of an occult chamber that the cirrhous offers surgical interventions to women in the midst of sexual favors.

The actress entered the action of living in the living, sent in the heart of Get married tonight (America). He is also in a principle, he finally counted the truth and commented on the divorce. El calvario recién commenzaba ya ella no solo perdió varias opportunidades laborales a consecuencia de la polemica sino que, años después, se enfrentaría a müptiple enfermedades. The last one, a cancer colon cancer diagnosed in 2018, was released in June 2019.

With the tom tomada for the emotion, the ex MasterChef Celebrity expression: “She doesn’t have to work. I guess staying sick, with physical problems, I guess going for a walk to get a peso. A veces llevaba a las nenas. In her life ”. He calculated: “It was a great person, a great professional and a mattress of aquellas”.

In this line, by phone, said Adriana Chaumont, also in the act of acting: “Imagine the fact that the cost of being a point in the other of Argentina (to work)”. The sum: “She worked in the hospitals of the people who filtered the house.”

Respectfully, Albinoni siguió: “Hicimos la gira juntas, tres años en el Teatro Regina, ya veces nos ibamos 15 días al sur en motor home, porque no podés volver”. “I have a great companion, I duel a lot (that I pass). She was busy with me, but she was a little girl; arrancamos en Recreo 11 (Telefe). She was beautiful, she was like a model, we had to make presentations for making a mango, always thinking about her, always looking forward to us and waiting for someone else. Great professional, companion and mother! ”, He concluded.

Beatriz Salomón junto a sus hijas, Bettina y Noelia
Beatriz Salomón junto a sus hijas, Bettina y Noeliagmpress / grosbygroup

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