la mejor Amber Heard está junto a Channing Tatum en esta triunfal secuela llena de baile y amistad

There are actors with talent above who want the project interesting with their presence. Otros, casi la mayoría, necesitan de circunstancias realmente apropiadas. The role of concreet, filmmakers who are quite useful, etc. Amber Heard es uno de esos, y para su desgracia su filmografía esta lleno de casos donde no tenía ni el rol necesario o el director con el que se juntó no tenía el día – a penny that le tocase el John Carpenter más gris en ‘Encerrada’-.

But you have to have your moments, the surpluses for the unloading of the plan – now, if you want to get rid of other motives, you are right-. Zack Snyder claramente vio algo en ella para que formarse parte de su Universo DC, y la verdad es que en ‘Aquaman’ funciona. Algo vio tambien en ella Steven Soderbergh -that will always have your clinic for casting- to form part of ‘Magic Mike XXL’, one of the most infrared sex of the last decade and what we have available in HBO Max.

Bailey and roommate

Soderbergh, in particular, is the conductor of this ‘Magic Mike’ movie, but he also knows how to take a photo as a montage, a company with pseudonyms. Gregory Jacobs he said he was unforgettable about the sex of the wedding Channing Tatumquizá con no todo en su favor para triunfar pero ha conseguido volverse una sensación de culto gracias a su consider the miracles of these characters and the world of the great spectators of the spectacle.

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For fans, ‘Magic Mike’ followed a group of strippers from Tampa, Florida, and Tatum interpreted the character as the title that would make him want to write more and search for a sensible and stable life, with money and carpenter’s work. . Here we go in the initiation ‘Magic Mike XXL’, three years ago, but no result toto tan satisfactorio como esperaba. Function, pen. On the back, they are a group of strippers save the retirement for a last big baile at the Grand Convention Hall in Myrtle Beach.

From there, the movie is about a string of flax on the road to the road, with an argument that you have a job because you are interested in another part. Jacobs crea fabulous moments of intimacy between these characters, which can be absolutely ridiculous in the context of the law, but also in the same way as the original, it is necessary to find a place with curiosity and care. In the small parades in the living room moments of camaraderie masculinade relaciones que necesitan ser reparadas y de peculiar self-reflection.

‘Magic Mike XXL’: hedonist, hilarant and tierna

All this is renunciar a lo que debería ser obvio en una película así. He also said that he would not be completely deprived of his vigilance, the fact that there is a lot of space to result in hilarious and absurdities. And sexy sex. Los bailes results everything is a spectacle that is born with an unbelievable taste, keeping the eroticism in mind even a point of hedonistic diversion. I want to manage with the moments of vulnerability that he does interesting reflections on the world of spectacle en general -no sólo este sector-, notándose ahí la astucia metanarrativa de Soderbergh.

I don’t have the best moment to show the success of a song that has an impressive musical number in a minute of my dreams.I Want It That Way‘de Backstreet Boys. Es exuberant, delirium, distractedpero también lleno de corazón y ternura por los personajes y el vínculo que forman.

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Other example is the triumphant interpretation of Channing Tatum, que junta present physically with meditative vulnerability. I want to have something with everything in the world, including Amber Heard in a secondary paper as a new romantic interest that can be considered in a registered register, but I can do more than that Cody Horn consensus in the original.

Era un equilibrio imposible de lograr, pero ‘Magic Mike XXL’ sale triunfante del reto para justificar por completo su existencia. Una joya que es toda una oda a la amistad, in order to follow in the water that you have passion and about the fractures in our relationships. A stripper’s movie no tenía por qué ser tan sutil y profunda, pero lo consigue don’t work on the party.

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