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In the last time, there was a common practice between the commensals put together a restaurant to criticize and qualify that can be established in different applications. These applications allow clients to be counted as if they were experiencing experiences of anonymous form, but also the proprietors due to their rights to reply and to some of these issues and wills that will go viral in social networks.

In this case, a commensal fue to comer a restaurant and a reserve reserve. Without embargo, when I lie down, I don’t have to list my list and I want to wait a while for my partner. This is an enfadó and for this opt opto por dejarle una dura critika al lugar en Google. El propietario vio su mala reseña y aprovechó para hacer reflecón sobre el rubro gastronomímico i los clientes insatisfechos.

It is closed in the municipality of Navaconcejo, province of Cáceres, in Spain. A woman has a reservation for a room in the restaurant “Las Nogaledas “. In fact, when it comes to pact time, we do not respect the reserve and we have to wait for the establishment of the establishment. Luego de que se quejó la atendieron, pero eso no evitó que dejara una cruel crítica.

We have reservations at 15:00 and we sent him at 16:00 and because of us we have a lot of fun. A small restaurant, a regular food and an impressive due, a round that is free of charge. We have the price of the cobra card from a wine bottle. Not backcustomer service, who caters to the restaurant with a star of a total of five.

This solution will be able to survive the establishment. Without embargo, I hope I hope so the client’s business due to the client. The man was able to enter into a dispute with the mother in the midst of those who had been able to see who was right. In exchange, I approve comments on how to reflect on something very important: the patient.

You are a good woman, and you are a doctor. You are patiently waiting for your turn, and the patients will be able to consult one of them. Sales of medical and tear at the office of Correos to recognize a package. I am waiting patiently to see you on the turn. The girl from the office attested by order, one by one. Passes through the carnival to make a purchase and make the resignation wait a few minutes for you to stay, because the carnicer will not be able to get more of a person at the same time. In the supermarket, the mismo. From one to one ”commission.

And aggregate: “You have to work on this thing. Da igual que lleguen ocho, veinte o las legiones del ejército imperial de Marco Ulpio Trajano. Debes arranged to serve everyone at the same time. Because I have to be humanely possessed by the strength of a bar, every microsecond that you can have a baby in my hand to care for your blood and help your patient.

El dueño continuedo ‘alabando’ las habilidades de sus compañeros de profesion & destacando que en el rubro gastronomico las exigencias son muchas y los trabajadores son cuestionados con dureza cada vez que se equivocan.

“Csuperior to our superior nature. Because of the rest of the simple mortals, they are only able to find the characters of a woman, we have the possibility of cloning in the space-time and be in different variations at the same time. Because of our hazards in the fall and the people waiting for a fraction of the second of their deaths, they feel like a fraction in the swab. Algún día, compañeros, usaremos este don virtuoso en nuestro benefici i doblegaremos a las mentes maş debiles. Someone else, the world will be ours”, Finalized.

The answer due to the elimination of the life of the vivalva. No obstante, varias personas compartieron la reflekón del propietario del restaurante y le dieron la razón. Assimilation, varios internautas enfatizaron que la commensal tiene motivos por los cuales quejarse y muchos de ellos recalcaron que en este caso “The customer always has the reason“.


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