“Incompatibles 2”, the French comedy comedy that is on your own on Netflix

Omar Sy, the star of “Lupine”, the protagonist is a comedy of action with Laurent Lafitte. (Netflix)

A decade of learning to know about a house, Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) and François MongeLaurent Lafitte) look back. This papaja despareja has a new mission, this is in the French Alps. A house that empieses with a mutilated body that is set in a moment and that completes it and creates the point of being able to raise all the social stability of France. The play will be played in the middle of the world, but we will always find the right one. It is a mezcla between gyro de guión and chaos narrative.

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Incompatible 2 you can produce a discrepancy in the spectator that you do not want to be able to know without knowing the anterior pelvis. But all the details of the chistes that are here, this second part does not depend on the case. Including some changes in the tone and details of the sample that the second part is more lavada, prepared for a massive public. Nothing different from what you want with a lot of action comedies.

“Incompatibles 2” offers a twist in an argument that can be traced back to the narrative chaos. (Netflix)

These productions are about to generate a lot of people who are so popular that they are as old as their country: Buddy Film. These are titles, also known as Buddy Moviesson películas de compinches, que suelen ser opuestos pero que a la larga consiguen que su amistad les permita sortear todos los obstáculos que se les presentan.

Let’s go to the water that stays exclusively in comedy and we can go there, like Incompatible, you love the police like comedy. Dos ejemplos recordados que tuvieron secuela son 48 hs. (1982) y Mortal weapon (1986), quentan con varios elementos que las hacen comparables con el film francés, que sin duda ha tomado nota de ellas.

A decade of learning to know a house, François Monge (Laurent Lafitte) and Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) can be seen.  (Netflix)
A decade of learning to know a house, François Monge (Laurent Lafitte) and Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) can be seen. (Netflix)

For other people, even Incompatible 2 it is a great endeavor in political politics and its line against totalitarianism, its grace is still standing in the chemistry between the protagonists and the humor. The note, this is, presumably a great mayor for the action scenes, when a general is in the comedy service. También está claro que el film del 2012 aprovechaba otro ejemplo del género: Intimate friends (2011) protagonized by Sy junto a François Cluzeta title with the popularity of the World Cup in Sy en una estrella.

And it is precisely this actor who is a great commercial gangster to attract to the public Netflix. The excitement in the film is the only summary of the paper in the series Lupine (2021) quo lo promovió entre el publico de todo el mundo. Your love and sympathy always work, including when you are part of your roles in the world of masters. As a curriculum between the two films 48 hs.in cuya secuela Eddie Murphy The result is very popular Nick Nolte, aquí Sy es mucho más conocido que Lafitte. And the difference between personal characters is the secret that we find before.

The “Buddy Movies” are playful comics, thank you very much and your friends are all right. (Netflix)

Bajo ningún concept Incompatible 2 I have the elements to be the height of the classics. To be able to lead Louis Leterrierel mismo de The conveyor. The humor is very basic, the police tram is not surprising and it is obvious that it is abstracted in many ways, including Mortal weapon 2. But this is a test of the ability of Netflix to domestic styles and provide that all games are available with a few personal staff and interesting things to support.

A sign that a person will enter the world in this world. Omar Sy disfruta de su excito con Lupinepero con esta película es muy poco lo que suma a su carrera.


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