Hezbollah and the Command of the Capital of Brazil will be under the control of the tax collector Marcelo Pecci

Marcelo Pecci is casado con la periodista paraguaya Claudia Aguilera.  PHOTO: Instagram: @aguileraclaudi
Marcelo Pecci is casado con la periodista paraguaya Claudia Aguilera. PHOTO: Instagram: @aguileraclaudi

Advance the investments of the assassin exfiscal paraguayo Marcelo Pecci, a quien asesinaron en la ciudad colombiana de Cartagena esta semana. In the last hours, the hypotheses prompted the terrorist organization Hezbollah, with the support of the Brazilian mafia, He described the Colombian Police as a “magician”.

You can choose from the information provided by the media, the authorities of Paraguay, United States and Colombia have identified Kassed Mohamad Hijazi, Nader Mohamad Farhat y Mahmoud Ali Barakat as characters of interest as possible intellectuals of the hecho that conmocionó al mundo and that ocurrió este martes 10 de mayo en la isla cartagenera de Barú.

The citados of the subjects have a part of the criminal structure Hezbollah, he informed the diary El Tiempo, which logró conocer los testimonios de fedetes federale que llevan el caso de la muerte violenta del funcionario judicial, que estaba de luna de miel con su esposa, the periodist Claudia Aguilera.

“According to the characteristics of the crime, which include disparities in the rostrum, we are creating a retaliation for a recent investment that Pecci hizo with the DEA and that the goal Hezbollah. We are looking for a group of extremists that is currently in the region and in Colombia with a cell, ”said an investigator.

On behalf of the investment, the police officers of the three countries involved in the analysis also analyzed the photos of the couple that were spending their vacations. In their opinion, analyze the characters that hay en los fondos o extremos de las imágenes para determinar if the following questions are in place. It is also the Venetian abortion of the world in which Marcelo and Claudia arrived at the Colombian Caribbean.

The men who have participated in the crime, Nader Mohamad Faraht spoke to him cerebro. Of course, as a result, Mohamad found an extradition to the United States by national narcotics and from all over, presumably, the delicacy plan.

“It is presumed that the causes that are left out, alien outside with condensation important in the country can be the cause of the crime, but with the unique time we are able to dilute”, informed the Commander of the Police of Paraguay, Gilberto Fleitas, who did not accept that the men in these citados had taken part in the death of Pecci.

For your part, Jorge Luis Vargas, director of the National Police of Colombia, also said the death of the fiscal was ordered by the judicial workers what a failure in life. It’s more, I announced that I have a lot of peace at the criminal presumption that levied on life.

“We have the data of the author, which is 1.74 high, of this trinity, with the Caribbean accent that supports the Colombian Caribbean and other countries,” Vargas said.

Tanto la FBI como la DEA no descartan que las 25 capturas que dejo la investigación A Ultranza PY, que fue el último trabajo del fiscal, habría sido one of the motives for the delinquent structures of mandaron a matar. You have to spend a lot of money on more than 100 million dollars of international crime.

In this line, the investigators did not discard the order of the Pecci saliera from the church of the state in which the history of the Lebanese city I want to be involved, you have the authority of Lebanese, in your picture and posterior understanding.

Now, I hope that in the near future you will know who will be the authors of the materials that he has in the village of the public and that he has received custody of multiple personalities, including the heads of the Colombian and Paraguayan governments. For now, la The Colombian police insure that they are very close to the gift with their rights Marcolo Pecci’s information about the world.


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