Hepatitis infantile aguda: investigates a possible vince with con pers

The houses of hepatitis infantile aguda no paran de crecer en el mundo. In Argentina, I think so very good of patients menor edad con falla hepatica grave y uno de ellos, un nene de 8 años, debió recibir de urgencia un transplant plant in Rosario, Santa Fe.

In England, a total of 64 out of 92 cases with infantile hepatitis aguda account for the exposure and contact directly with perroslo que despertó el alerta de los investigadores que estudian la causa de los aumentos de contagios.

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Follow the information from United Kingdom Sanitary Security Agency (UKHSA)the custodians realized by the families of the affected people “relatively high numbers of families owned by dogs in the field exposure exposures”.

“It is exploring the importance of this hallazgo,” said UKHSA, adding that it is possible to consider a casualness of more than 160 detected cases in the world.

Estudian si las mascotas pueden ser la causa de la hepatitis infantil aguda.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)
Estudian si las mascotas pueden ser la causa de la hepatitis infantil aguda. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Specialists of the UKHSA insure that “There is an association with the adenovirus” y que sus estudios “ahora están probando esta asociación rigurosamente”.

Adenovirus F41: What is it and how is it affected?

Los adenovirus are pathogens common to humans and have the ability to cause diseases in the respiratory tractlos ojos, el intestineel hígado y el urinary tract. They are viruses without envelope, icosahedrons and with a genome of ADN linear from double cadence.

The human adenovirus is classified in more than one subtype, including serotypes 1–52 and genotypes 53–103. The different serotypes are associated with unfortunate differences.

Hepatitis infantile aguda: investigates a possible vince with con pers

La gastroenteritis by adenovirus 40/41 -characterized by fever, vomites and diarrhea– can cause a serious illness and is a frequent reason for hospitalization.

The infection for adenovirus F 41 it is not stationary, it can be used in any moment of the year. The most susceptible are the ones minors of the two years.

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In general, adenovirus infection is contracted by contact with secretions of a person infected with a contaminated object. Also can be transmitted by el aire o el agua.

El adenovirus F 41 can be the cause of hepatitis infantile aguda, but it is not completely explained by the degree of clinical picture. “Factors like a mayor susceptibility between the little pecks from a level with a lot of adenovirus circulation during the pandemic, possibly apnea of ​​a new adenovirusas como la SARS-CoV-2 coin contaminationdeben investigarse más a fondo ”, dijeron desde la Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría.

I do not believe that “the hypotheses related to the effects of the vacuums against the COVID-19s are actually being rescheduled, and that the majority of the affected children have not recovered. vacuum against COVID-19″.

Pedico de alerta medica por la hepatisis infantil aguda

La Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría broadcast one medical alert for which the specialists are attentive to them syntomas para la detección temprana de esta enfermedad que puede ser plane and men and adults.

Ángela Gentile (MN 49.908), infectologist, pediatrician and head of the Epidemiology of the Hospital de Niños Ricardo Gutiérrez, said that it was a good opportunity to record the importance of vaccination against hepatitis. “It simply came to our notice then vacuums against hepatitis A (que se aplica al año) y B (which is part of the fifth). It’s a good opportunity to reform the calendar, ”he said.

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The experts advirtieron que 1 of each 4 children complete with vacuum with vacuum cleaners and inactivated polio, and que 160 million men of 1 year I did not accept the complete primary. “It simply came to our notice then 6.2 points in the cover covers between 2019 and 2020 against the hepatitis A. This is an implication 7% respect for the cocoons covered in 2019 ″, dijeron.

Cuales son los sintomas de la hepatitis aguda infantil

The principals syntomas of the sick son: hysteria (coloration of amaryllis in the beehive, the mucous membranes of the eyes), diarrhea, vómitos, abdominal pain, colic, between children. In the most expensive cases, you will be required transplant plant.

From the European Center for the Prevention and Control of Diseases (ECDC), the detection of the virus of the communities of hepatitis A, B, C, D and Eya que no han sido registrados en ninguno de los casos de hepatitis infantile aguda. Tampoco the infected levantaron children fever.

The World Health Organization (OMS) is a sign that el April 5 has been informed about 10 houses in the last 10 years of the year in the center of Escocia and many days, identified 74 houses in the United Kingdom.


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