“Hay que desmitificar que la canción de un suicida o un reventado es mejor solo por eso”

From the top of your new album, built Antigua, Hilda Lizarazu became the author of an old photo of her shot by Alfie Baldo when she had ten years of marriage. For the clothes that you have, you can include a photo of the sign principles.

But more than the photo and the title, Hilda no es nada antigua. But I can do it all: edit your independent disco discs by Disc School, including this one on digital platforms, without a vinyl CD edition. Además, se maneja a solas y sin manager, sin ninguna estruktura. Independiente, modern y autogestiva.

The tapa de

The title of “Antigua”, the new album by Hilda Lizarazu.

“This is an example of an album -explica- that we don’t sell in physical support, because I can make something like that, it’s all a topic for the autogestivos, but for the people of Pide. physics for sale in the shows, as a man for the helmet with the disco cap “.

Hilda Lizarazu in the streets of Palermo.  Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

Hilda Lizarazu in the streets of Palermo. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

The grab and the videos

This month, Hilda Lizarazu showed the example of the ancient Antigua: a dark topic Reis, lanto junto a muy buen video realized by the directors Dany Bohm and Robert Bonomo, with a veintena de bailarines accompanying the song and a core apta para TikTok. One more, very old.

Después, hace dos meses, casi en coincidencia con la salida del álbum, presentó Song to sing about junto a “videolyric” con imagagnes tomadas por la propia Hilda, que es una reconocida fotógrafa.

In the light of the disco, I have very good things to reflect on the composition as a composer, all very nice. There are also covers: la cumbia The fish of Barú y Passenger in trance of Charly Garcia.

Además, including invitados como Leon Gieco, Julieta Rada, Lito Vitale, Mario Perkins and an Italian rocker Davide Toffolo, from the group Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and also from the Italian Institute of Cumbia.

The idea was officially presented in September in Niceto, but this week is a show that wants to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the work of Federico Melioli. Será el sabado 14 en Bebop.

A coffee and a good one

Hilda Lizarazu y su boina vasca.  Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

Hilda Lizarazu y su boina vasca. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

A mañana de otoño aparece temprano en un café palermitano y le muestra con complicidad a la fotógrafa una boina comprada en el País Vasco, sabiendo que es un accesorio ideal para luego hacer fotos.

Antigua it is a disco with a view of the sky -define the information that is written on the Disc Disco Street- and it is part of what I am under in this moment of my life, as a natural, that will always be a dispatcher in this sense ”.

-Hay a letter where you say “Toda mi vida parecen muchas vidas y tantos recuerdos”. Why?

-You’re here. They are like chapters. I have a lot that I am transiting from the world of music and I have a lot of jokes and jokes, with everything that implies that I am passionate and that I am trying to pass. It’s good. I am so proud of the time that I care that it is important that we do not miss the arena between the hands.

-You’re having the experience and the way to work.

-Hay’s a tendency in our country to have a fashion for young people, because I want you to be the best artist. As if you were more likely to commit suicide, the most revenge is the best. Y hay que desmitificar eso, porque puede serlo o no. I don’t know what my best song is. Con poesía pasa lo mismo, y uno los lee con más fruición, pero no quisiera pasar por esos momentos. Yo agradezco a la Argentina, a nuestra tierra, a todo lo que me pasó i lo que me pasa.

They are independent

Hilda Lizarazu.  Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

Hilda Lizarazu. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

-Discola lo llevás con organu te te cansa mucho?

-Lovo llevo con organ and for moments I can. I am with mango con Antigua. I never saw my shows again, but I had a lot of fun and now I have ten flyers on Instagram. It is a different world, distinct, with pros and cons. La concepción musical está lejos de eso, pero me parece que todo sirve para difundir un disco nuevo o un show.

-Pero is not a member of the social networks.

-It’s something I want to find from Discos, because it’s important, but it’s not everything. As an antigua que soy, me gusta trabajar e hilvanar las canciones primero, tomarme el tiempo, y si me va bien en “me gusta” es otro tema. One can find more important things, but it doesn’t affect you at all. It is poetic, because it is a value that a number does not have anything to do with a song.

-The past time is a value and experience. Y jugar a decir “Soy antigua” está bien.

-Creo that the concept of present is constantly in the pandemic. Also change the time value. I can’t say that this is a phrase from the North American “The time is money”, but the way that transits the time is that you know that someone is currently waiting. Y hay que valorar el tempopo transcurrido.

-Are you able to affirm that you have different years that you are in a good moment of shows, repercussion and convocation?

-My taste is more convocative (drawing), because I am always on the move. Because I want to promote the show of Saturday 14 in Bebop, there is a party that celebrates 18 years with Federico Melioli. The first one was in La Vaca Profana, with Black Amaya, Juan del Barrio and yo en viola electrica. I want to make the rocker, PJ Harvey! Now I want to hear the acoustics.

-Federico sería tu primera pareja musical no personal. (risas)

-Toqué con parejas pero también tuve amores musicales sin projectos personales en conjunto. Federico is my German musician. I like it very much in this place because of my friend. We have a tour of Europe in the format of two months ago. It is as if you have found an equilibrium, because you are always a girl and you are a couple and you want music and music and you are separated and you want to play music together.

Details of songs

Hilda Lizarazu.  Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

Hilda Lizarazu. Photo: Constanza Niscovolos

-The disco has many interesting details of sound and an organic and electronic mix.

-This is the Federation, which in these years of pandemics was trying to manage more with machines and sequences. Encantan las sonoridades electronica y puede estar horas con eso. I can see you very much and I can’t be alone with the mouse. As we are with this sonodo electropop, it is the surface that we are in the format that we decide to be, that is two.

-Pero son du du en todos los shows, o solo los que son muy lejos y tienen que achicarse por costos?

-We’re all right now. See you later … Let’s have a trio, we are in a moment of Samalea’s apparition and we want to be a quarterback, and now we are two. We transformed the sound, and this disco is the most important thing we can do. It is in a format that is very frustrating in the interior of the country, because we are trying to get rid of it.

-The alguna form, the two topics with love songs: “Te reís” and “Canción para cantar de a dos”.

-I always want to write love songs because I don’t want to be curious. Y en esos temas esta esa ambigüedad amorosa donde puede ser para un hombre o una mujer.

-También hay mucha mención a la naturaleza, como “Benteveo”.

-Yes. It is the search of the place inside the nature and the house of the tree of ceibo. I like to play with you because I really feel emotional.

-In “Mis amigxs incondicionales” there is an intro with instruments from India.

-Yes. They are friends of the Indian Beatles. It is the site of Mario Perkins and one of Natalia Salgado, who will be invited to visit Niceto in September, because I want to think about the show.

– “Xpuesta” is very electronic and very popular, with a letter about a photographer.

-Es for Andy Cherniavsky and for that “Andy expuesta”. It’s a song he made in the middle of a documentary about the fact that he didn’t like it. It is electronic and ochentas pero también muy 2022.

-Is the invitation in “Voces del rio” is Leon Gieco? It’s a verso nomás, pero parece el.

-Yes, it’s Leon. También is Julieta Rada al final, e iba a participar Tabaré Cardozo, pero estaba en pleno carnaval y no pudo. This theme was conceived in Colonia and is like a love affair on the horizon. Me daba vergüenza que León cantara tan poco, pero tiene esa voz tan nuestra que es ideal. I participated in the disco and it was a great show. Además, hay un bombo legüero que toca Lito.

-Where do you look for “El pescador de Barú”, which is not your topic?

-It is a traditional cumbia, compiled by the Italian Institute of Cumbia. They are like anthropologists of the cumbia, and from there they communicate with the full pandemic. The song and I love it. La otra voz is by the Italian Davide Tóffolo, who is with Indio Solari de Italia, very famous for the rock band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti.

Hilda Lizarazu en el Homenaja a Charly Garcia en el Teatro San Martin el año pasado, con Fabián Quintiero, Fernando Samalea, Rosario Ortega, Benito Cerati y Lito Vitale.  Photo by Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

Hilda Lizarazu en el Homenaja a Charly Garcia en el Teatro San Martin el año pasado, con Fabián Quintiero, Fernando Samalea, Rosario Ortega, Benito Cerati y Lito Vitale. Photo by Rolando Andrade Stracuzzi

-The final is “Passenger in trance”, by Charly.

-Surgió el año pasado con esta evocación de los 70 años de Charly, donde hicimos tocando muchos temas suyos. I always love this topic, and Federico abordó desde un lugar muy fiel, pero con un groove medio Morcheeba y el sonido de un sitar. It has a transcendental view, and the term with the risks as in Reissomething that tastes good to me to unite the album.



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