get rid of Boeing disputes with the starlers of the Starliner space

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All list for which the CST-100 Starliner de Boeing will be able to see first time at the Spanish International Station. Watch out for the Starliner despegue en cohete Atlas V de ULA el jueves 19 de mayo a las 22:54 UTC.

In this mission to prove its trip, Boeing will be able to demonstrate to NASA that Starliner is able to cover and disengage from the Spanish International International Autonomous Station and realize a refreshed atmosphere to ensure the safety of astronauts.

The treaty of the mouse that was tested on the Crew Dragon de SpaceX was realized with the exception of March 2019, but the Boeing capsule was not used in the spring. In its inaugural view from December 2019, Starliner will not be able to accept the Spanish International Station for a malfunction configured and the two critical software credits. In July 2021, a second orbital test field was suspended for 13 of the 24 oxidant valves in the space-saving propulsion system, but the last one will be tested in the field.

The valves are corroded, but Boeing did not find the cause of the problem. Now, a report from Reuters take the dispute between the company and one of its key providers, Aerojet Rocketdyne, to the cause of the waves.

Follow the report, there is a descent between Boeing and Aerojet about the cause of the problem. Boeing cree that the valvulas are met by a chemical reaction between the oxidants, alumina pieces and an intrusion of humidity in the place of laziness (the Kennedy Spa Center in Florida). The Aerojet engineers and lawyers, for their part, have a chemical product that Boeing uses to help you test your land.

Boeing argues that Aerojet does not compile with one of its contractual requirements: it makes the Starliner propulsion system more likely to tolerate chemical reactions of this type. NASA is on a distinguished road.

Boeing’s comments commented privately that Aerojet’s explanation of the problem of valves is an intention to avoid the responsibility for the Starliner cost recovery and avoid paying for a redesigned system, Reuters explains. Dicho esto, Boeing no ha rediseñado ninguna válvula durante los nueve meses que han pasado desde las pruebas. With the benefit of NASA, the company has implemented a temporal solution to avoid that humidity is filtered in this part of the day before we can work on a complete redesign, which we do not want.

In any case, this is not the first dispute between Boeing and one of the Starliner providers. The company has an extracurricular approach with Timothy Lachenmeier, president of a company close to the NearSpace, where the man lost a pier in one of the parade houses.

In 2017, Lachenmeier and your team estaban preparando la Starliner to try the parades from the nave in a village with a fine of 12 km altitude. La Starliner is at home. Lachenmeier can be found in a ladder on the capsule, starting to adjust the cables when the cable cutters of the globe are activated before the time and the lancer, the ship is coming, the ladder is going on. Lachenmeier cayó desde seis metro de altura. After four months of medical procedures, he was once or amputated from the first leg due to childbirth. In a question presented in 2020, the man said that Boeing was in charge of the escalators who used to do the test and that he was banned from comparing them to the company of “because of the Sabbath that could cause catastrophic disasters”.

Most of these legal disputes with their providers, Boeing is facing an enormous picture problem with the CST-100 Starliner. Suponía que la nave iba a compete with la Crew Dragon de SpaceX para llevar astronautas a la órbita baja terrestre desde suelo estadounidense, pero la Crew Dragon ya lleva cinco vuelos tripulados para la NASA y dos para empresas privadas, menter a que Star it is located at the Spanish International Station and its trip is a trip.

For the mental health of the Boeing engineers and the finances of the company, we are waiting for the test of young people’s lives. Boeing has accumulated 595 million dollars of sobriety costs in the Starliner program from 2019. The money is on sale, and the contract with NASA is the highest price.


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