Ephemeris of Hoy: who passed 13 May | Hechos ocurrieron en la Argentina y el mundo

One ephemeris of the 13th of May you are just waiting for a day like this in Argentina and the world:

1854 Nace Pedro Bonifacio Palacios, Almafuerte, in San Justo. It is installed in La Plata, where it works as a periodic and assistant professor. Enter your comments: Lamentations, Seven medical sonnets, The missionary y Evangelical. Poco antes de su merte recibió a pensión vitalicia del Congreso Nacional. Falleció el 28 de febrero de 1917. Su casa en La Plata es hoy un museo.


1917 Three pastors of the Portuguese locality of Fátima, in Portugal, affirming that the Virgin Mary is located. The little ones Lucía dos Santos, 10 years old; y sus primos Francisco (8) y Jacinta Marto (7) aseguran tener visiones que se extienden hasta el 13 de oktubre, en las que la Virgen les habría anticipado una nueva guerra mundial; the reconstruction of Russia into Christianity (at the same time as the production of the Russian Revolution); and the assassination attempt against Juan Pablo II, which coincided with the 64th anniversary of the first aparitian. It’s what you know “The three mysteries of Fatima”. The German Marto murieron witnessed the Spanish flu pandemic, from the Primera Guerra. Lucía tomó los hábitos y murió en 2005, a los 97 años. Fatima is one of the main places of peregrination of Catholicism.


1948 Nace Pepe Cibrián Campoy in La Habana, where you need your parents, José Cibrián and Ana María Campoy. It is an exponent of musical theater, with titles like Here we go here, Caligula, Dracula, The yoke of Paris, Othello y Excalibur. Militia for the approbation of the matrimony for persons of the same sex, for the best pudo casarse con su pareja. En 2011 fue declared Ciudadano City of Buenos Aires Illustrations.


1950 The Italian Giuseppe Farina won the Grand Prix of Inglaterra, which is part of the Silverstone circuit. This is the first goal of a new category of sportsmanship: the World Cup of pilots. Farina, the driver of the Alfa Romeo, consisted of this as the first champion of Formula 1.


1966 Tiroteo en a pizzeria de Avellaneda. Movement and trade union conductor of UOM, Rosendo Garcia. Tambéen caen dos militantes de base, opuestos a la conducción de Augusto Timoteo Vandor: son Juan Zalazar y Domingo Blajaquis. The propio Vandor is present at the end of the day. Rodolfo Walsh invested in the house, which will be published by the diario de la CGT de los Argentinos, and established that the group integrated by Blajaquis and Zalazar no llevaba armas, as well as the possibility that the propio Vandor hubiera matado a García. The investment is published as a book. Who cares about Rosendo? relata los pormenores del caso y también examina el comportamiento del sindicalismo desde la caída de Perón.


1981 El Papa Juan Pablo II was assassinated. The Pontifical Recreation is located in the Plaza de San Pedro and its public audience of the localities when it is open. El Papa polaco cae herido, con heridas en un brazo y una mano. Dos tiros impactan en su estómago. Mintras se desangra, es llevado de urgencia al Policlínico Gemelli. Allí lo operan y le salvan la vida. The author of the assassination is a Turkish young man of 23 years, Mehmet Alí Agca, captured immediately. The two months are condensed to perpetuate. Induced in 2000, the regression of Turkey, a collection of sentences by other delicacies during his liberation in 2010. He was visited in the church by Juan Pablo II in 1983, in an interview with Karol Wojtyla. At the moment of the militaba crime in the Lobos Grises, a group of Turkish de extreme. He was assassinated by the Bulgarian spy as an assassin, by the anti-communist post of the Pope.


1988 The trumpet player and the singer Chet Baker die al caer del segundo piso de un hotel en Αmsterdam, tras consumir drogas. Tenía 58 years old. Integrate the quartet of Gerry Mulligan in the 50s. Adding to the heroine and the cocaine was a comment in this epoch and fueled by the prisons. Your career took place in the midst of the 70’s and was fully active at the moment of their final tragedy.



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