“El buque zombi”: where is it and why can you avoid a mid-life catastrophe

Los lugareños lo llaman “el book fantasy“O el“zombie book”. It is abandoned from the very front end of the Yemeni costa with a million barrels of oil in its interior and has a constant risk of derma. The UNU has been opening in the form of periodicals in the midst of a remarkable environmental catastrophe.

It looks like a super oil tanker FSO Safer given in 2015 near the port of Hodeida at the beginning of the civil war that golpea a ese país arabe.

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The UNU has organized a conference of donors to reclaim money that will allow you to download the crude of the booklet for a pilgrimage. But it’s good only logru reunir approxamadamente la mitad de los fondos necesarios.

The can of oil on the edge of the beech it’s four times the mayor’s turn for the oilman Exxon Valdez in 1989, which provoked in Alaska one of the major environmental catastrophes.

The history of the “zombie book” abandoned in front of the cost of Yemen at the beginning of the Civil War

El “FSO Safer”I have 45 years of antiquity and no object of maintenance operations since 2015. It is through Yemen that one of the crisis crises of humanities is being debated in the world between the government and the rebellious huts, which is controlled by the port of Hodeida.

The oilman has the equivalent of a millionth of a million barrels run the risk of collapse, explode or start at any moment. The experts warn that they will be treated “time bomb”.

The beautiful fantasy, a latent boy for the medium ambience (Photo: AP)
The beautiful fantasy, a latent boy for the medium ambience (Photo: AP)

The reservation of the Petroleum and Gas of Yemen Corporation was used for crude storage. Pero quedó varado al initio de la guerra a unos 60 kilometros al norte de Hodeida, el puerto yemenita controlado por los rebeldes.

In the last years, the boat was hit by a fugue and a frostbite. Además, los spepecialistas advierten sobre la falta de mantenimiento para reducir los gases explosivos en su interior. Included in 2020, there is a water heater in the machine room, augmenting the risk of death.

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The group of Yemeni environmentalists Holm Akhdar, quoted by la BBC, estimo que un derrame de petroleo podría extenderse desde el mar Rojo hasta el golfo de Adén y el mar Arabigo. El área, según advirtió, you need more than three decades to recover from a potential accident.

The ONU only reckoned with the money of the money to pay the million barrels that transport the “zombie book”

In this regard, the UNU is celebrating a conference organized by the United States to finance the emergency operations in the country. “FSO Safer”.

The experts inspected the oil and gas structure and the structure of the barge “is the point of destruction”, said the humanitarian coordinator of the UN for Yemen, David Gressly, a red press in Amman. ”The impact of the black sea is a catastrophic series”, Said.

El “buque phantasma” amenaza con desatar una catastrofe ambiental

In addition to the communiqué, the international donors traded 33 million dollar dollars in a conference celebrating the worlds in La Haya, which together cost a compromise of up to 40 million dollars.

The cantata is the mitad of the funds that the United Nations considers to be responsible for the operation of the emergency operation in which the petroleum of the beech is transferred to the other embargo on the temporal manner.

In total, the organization expects to recoup 144 million dollars to complete the plan, which in the long run includes the almacenado of the crust barrels in a place that is definitely.

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Through the years of negotiations, the United Nations will be in the last months of an agreement with the Governor of Yemen and with the rebellious huts that control the share of the country to retire the crude

The UN opened a series of devastator for the Yemeni population, which depends on the fish in this zone and left the temporal core of the fundamental gates for the entrance of alimony and humanitarian aid in the country. The disaster also complicates the maritime traffic in a key area and has enormous environmental ambiences in different countries.


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