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Marcelo Pecci integrates the Specialized University of Lucha against the Organized Crime and the Narcotics of Paragya. Fue atacado por sicarios que llegaron hasta la playa caribeña de Barú en dos motos de agua y le dispararon mientras estaba con su esposa, the periodist Claudia Aguilera. The governor of Mario Abdo Benítez said that the fiscal era was the center of the lens of the attack that led to multiple anti-drug investments that lead.

“Llegaron dos hombres, se acercaron, le dispararon y se fueron; un guardia quiso acercarse pero le dispararon también al guardia”, relates Aguilera, who además dijo que Pecci no había recibido amenazas. Poco antes del acesinato del fiscal paraguayo, la pareja había compartido en redes socialé que estaban esperando un bebé. Aguilera dijo, además, que Pecci no había recibido amenazas.

The hypotheses en torno al crimen

The revelatory revelations that the central hypothesis is that “the magic is in the realm of its function” through the houses that are invested in your country. Enormously, the Minister of Interior of Paraguay, Federico González, compared this analysis. “We understand that it is the lens, but it is the analysis of alternatives and the course of action”, secured a press conference.

González there is also the possibility of fiscal, one of the most important parts of the country, hubiese sido seguido desde Paraguay o que detrás del atentado esté el Clan del Golfo, cuyo líder maximo, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, fue extraientedos extradited.“All of these opportunities are being investigated at this moment in Colombia as here in Paraguay,” he said.

“We are doing everything we need to do our best and we will not be able to spend time trying to find what we are doing, so many authors who are intellectuals,” said the minister. Consulting about the repatriation of the body of the official, it is clear that it is haciendo los tramites and gestures to realize this process “in the mayor’s office”.

Most of the time, the public ministry of Colombia diffused an image of one of the most important successes. On his part, the director of the National Police of Colombia, Jorge Vargas, said that he did not know that Pecci was in the country to explain why the fiscal authorities were trying to protect him from being a member of the Asuncion who is one of the most protected people. . La Fiscalía General del Estado and La Policía Nacional de Paraguay y designaron a los fiscal Alicia Sapriza y Manuel Doldán al frente de una comitiva que voyará a Colombia para trabajar con los spepecialistas locales.

Vargas affirms that he has the moment to realize his intentions and that he is “an entertaining multifaceted person who stays in the place of hechos.” lo que pasó ”, subrayó el directive of the police.

The fiscal houses of Pecci

Pecci, 45 years old, share in two of the investments with the mayor’s repercussion in Paraguay: the denominational investment “The ultimate Py” that only in February it realized 100 alimony, more than 40 detentions and an input of 100 million dollars and incapacitated products of cocaine traffic in Europe; and other por criminal attributes to narcotics drugstore a musical recital in Ennero in San Bernardinonear Asunción.

The President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, condensed his possession and extended his condolences to the families of the official. “Marcolo Pecci’s fiscal assistant in Colombia enluta a toda la nación paraguaya; we are in the deadliest of the most energetic times we have a hard time and we are trying to compromise our goal against the organized crime ” “All cooperation for responsible people”.

The capital diary El Tiempo, reveló que las autidades pidieron la lista de pasajeros del 5 de mayo del vuelo de la aerolínea Copa en el que llegó Pecci y su esposa, ante la sospecha de que lo siguieron desde Asunción.


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