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If you like Google I / O 2022, you don’t have to panic, but you need to search for information here and here we will collect all the news that Google has presented in Mountain View.

It is always possible to follow important events like Google I / O 2022, and it is very easy el gigante de Mountain View has condensed all the news that will be available on its ecosystem services In the last few months, we have been working on an extra hour about all of Spain, which seems to be the worst in California. initiated by Keynote start of the event at 19:00 when the mayor of Todaví is with our quehaceres diarios.

Además, these conferences search Google offers great information about information and information no suelen est tan centradas en el usuario, sino más bien en la funkcionidad and in the best of the main services of Google, which is a year of all things he had a lot of space for the hardware department led by Rick Osterloh.

What is presented in Google I / O 2022: all the news from day 1

On the other hand, Google I / O’s comment is interesting.

And what are your friends, este Google I / O 2022 ha sido uno de los más entretenidos of the last years, as for the results and for all those who want the information from a plume and in small files, here we are in the condensed hands all articles that we have published in the long range with all news and gadgets which we have presented Sundar Pichai and the suites in the Shoreline Amphitheater of Mountain View.

But before commenting and without precedent, this is always the first time a direct access to streaming of the eventso if you want to get a view from the Google conference completely dura casi 3 hours and mediaYou need time and patient!

And now we are talking to todo lo que ha dado de sí el Google I / O 2022 y no nos entretengamos más por el camino, porque en realidad es que esta vez sí hay mucho que contar.

Here are all the news from Google I / O 2022

Software and services

Como veréis, Google Maps is always the main protagonist every year in the I / O, this one with an impressive view of the sea that has the delicacies of any use to the hour of “visiting” virtually a city. Además, llegan news important to the Assistantwe are waiting for you, and we have new options on the page with virtual targets as well as a Google Pay complete review that will now be available on Google Wallet with a montón of more options to substitute our physical carts.

Google Maps is the “immersive view”: it worksThe 3 news from Google Assistant presented in Google I / O 2022The Android and Chrome virtual games list for which you can buy moreGoogle Wallet is official: Google’s plan is to replace your digital map

Android 13

We also know the mayor’s office the news of Android 13from Google he has repaired the best that he was able to do with the new council ‘tiramisu android’que además estrena su compilación beta 2 for the dispositive elegies in the pre-trial trials.

Android 13 Beta 2 is available: all news and movies compatibleAndroid 13: news, compatible movies, solid language and all the details

Dispositivos ‘made by Google’

For the last time, and at the center of the event, we have to pay for the official official Google Pixel 6a as the presentation between the days of the Pixel 7 that landed in the market next door, but not alone, because Rick Osterloh and his suites he wanted to marry a man in California with a new life Pixel Watchintake of advanced advances Pixel Buds Pro and a new tablet Pixel Tablet which will be presented in front of us in 2023 with the design of a Samsung Galaxy Tab from 2014 to 2015.

Google Pixel 6a: Compact format and processor Tensor in the Pixel bar of 2022The new Pixel 6a from Google on July 21: 449 dollars and 5 years of updatesPixel Buds Pro: the new auriculars from google estrenan cancelación de ruido activa y “audio spacial”Google Announces the Pixel 7: Available in an island with a renovated designGoogle Pixel Watch: an example of intelligent Google releases with WearOS and integration with FitbitGoogle Pixel Tablet released in 2023: this is your design

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