All Android news that will be announced in Google I / O 2022

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Google se screenplay del I / O this is approximately the end of the hours and the announcement of new products like el Pixel 6a, el Pixel 7 and el Pixel Watch. We have the hardware store to work on the protagonism of these events, the company Could not pass for Android: entre new features for android 13 y General updates for Android, Google has a lot to say in the front of the software.

Down with the Android segment, Google says that it works in the operating system in terms of “three big topics”: “The phone in the center ”,“ Extend more on the phone “y” Mejor juntos “. Verás you have three topics to continue and announce specifically in each category.

Google implements RCS and Digital ID

Google insists on the concept del “Phone in the center”replacing some of the new features of Android 13 that we can see from the first beta version. See show features like icons of applications that can change their colors to coincide with tu fondo de pantalla usando Material You; un new media control panel with a diverted bar of reproduction “groovy”; and the ability to personalize different idioms for each application.

The company also announced that Android 13 has a set of new security and privacy features, but not many details about this. Tambourine too that is working with operators para implementar RCSthe protocol of the text of the proxima generation that will be transferred encrypted messaging functions, such as extreme and extreme numbers, wifi and reciprocal access messagespara reemplazar a the SMS. The company is a moment to insinuate que esperan que Apple adopte RCS para sus iPhones, que por ahora limit the SMS for all messages that are not sean of iMessage.

First great new feature in Google I / O this year is good: the company has updated Google Wallet to include Digital ID, specifically for digital licenses. This is a replica of the program Apple’s digital identification for the Wallet application to be launched pronto. When the functions of the platform platform are activated, you can usar ton the phone for “show” here identification in the regions participants. Mp it’s just a picture of your carnet: authenticate the identification of NFC or a QR code, to demonstrate that the document is active y es tuyo.

Google also announced that Emergency SOS will be available at Wear OS, which allows contact easily with the emergency services from tu reloj inteligente con Android en caso de emergency. The company also expands the Android thermal alarm system, using the accelerometer of tcall to advertiseand of a terremoto antes de que ocurra.

Android apps are optimized for tablet pads

Después del smartphoneGoogle itself “Extendió más allá del teléfono ”, como prometió, y centró su attención en Android para tablets. The announcement announced that you want to optimize Android apps for tablet pads and comment with more than 20 popular applications that are updated in a manner. These applications include large connoisseurs como TikTok, Facebook, Canva and Google Messages. Notary change in the interface of this application, which can be adapted best of tamaño de pantalla más grande: TikTok, por ejemplo, usará parte de la pantalla para vídeos y otra for comments, for what you can look comfortably at the bottom.

Google also has a sample system the windows are similar to iPadOS: puedes arrastrar y soltar aplicaciones desde el panel inferior o la lista de aplicaciones y crear an instant division.

The best Android devices work between them

For the last timeGoogle also has a time to talk about how you want your various Android devices to work between them there are no problems that “the best of all”. Announcement that the function of casting expands to new devices, such as Chromebooks and cars. Phone Hub also answers: now podras projector the messaging application of phone in tu Chromebook.

My new favorite feature it’s an option to copy something from tcall and pay directly in tin tablets. It works very well in the whole ecosystem of Apple, you are usando iPhone, iPad or Mac, so I’m enthusiastic of what this option is for fin llega and Android.

Google also provides an expansion of Fair Pair that allows other devices, such as TVs, to be equipped with tus auriculares y dispositivos intelligentes con la misma fluidez que esperarías de Fast Pair. Employee chat, Google announcement “Matter”, a solution that connects Google Nest with a montón of brands and products to facilitate are emparejamiento, y what a lie it is.

To end with los anuncios de Android, Google ha lanzado there is a new beta version of Android 13 for Pixel devices. This beta version is the second one Android 13 clearly includes the new features hoy. If you want to install the new update you are interested in trying the beta version for example, consult las instructions for install Android 13 en tin Pixel aquí.


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