Alberto Fernández wanted to propose in Argentina as a provider of food and energy for Europe in war | Durante su escala en Alemania

In the second step of the European Day, President Alberto Fernández chose to propose from Berlin to Argentina as a provider of food and energy for Europe as a successor to the consensus of war between Russia and Ukraine. In this way, the chancellor of the German Olaf Scholz defined Argentina as a “confiable society”, in the middle of a dialogue that would pass through the conflicting belice, the Argentine property to protect the European countries of food, oil and gas from Vaca Muerta and also on the agrarian building of Fernández in Germany by respaldo to arrive at an account with the International Monetary Fund. This is the sum of Scholz’s goal in advancing the Argentine duo with the Club de Paris. In the capital of Germany, President Fernández is looking for an interview with the Deutsche Welle (DW) agency, which affirms that he is not realizing a problem such as “I have a solo problem, an objective to declare, and there is no need for neoliberalism.” Argentina, because it is Macri. My great adversary, my great friend is Macri “, he added.

“Los coletazos de la guerra repercuten en todo el mundo y particmente en América Latina y otros países en vías de desarrollo. Los precios de los alimentos han aumentado al igual que los de la energía. Esto no solo es un problema de Rusia y la OTAN “I don’t want to be in the world. You want to be in the fire, you want to be in a discussion room,” said Fernández during the conference press conference that ensured the meeting with the German chancellor.

Scholz agradeció la postura argentina frente al conflicto bélico. “It is good to know that Argentina is a socially popular country in Germany. We agree to condense the invasion of Russia and Ukraine. Salud to the decision of the President of the Pontifical State of Victory” del encuentro.

“Coincidimos en condenar esta brutal aggressión de Rusia”, dijo Scholz, y añadió que “las gravísimas violaciones del Derecho internacional y el orden internacional no pueden ni deben quedar sin respuesta”.

“This is not a conflict between OTAN and Russia, but you are limited and are affected by everything,” Fernández said, adding: immoral despair of the case that the world has seen with the pandemic “.

As President of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), the President said that “the war is a major problem and a particular preoccupation for me through fashion in which it is negatively reflected in our continent, where alimentaria y energética se ponnen en riesgo “.

In this line, and between the specifics of the region, the Argentine state recorded that the country is “a reservoir of what the world is saying is present: food and energy”.

In the case of hydrocarbons, Fernández remarked that Argentina had an agreement with the second conventional gas reserve: mencionó además el desarrollo de una planta de hydrogena verde, as como projectos de hydrogena azul por parte de las empresas de gas.

The tariffs

The other topic that presides over the President in Europe is the public audiences at the rates. Hehe, intentes de la comitava dejaron trascender al arribar a Berlín, que el mandatario no sostendrá en el Gobierno a los funcionarios que no respeten la deción de aumentar las tariffé energeticas (como parte del acuerdo con el FMI) i que para ello no neces consult the other authorities that integrate the Gobierno coalition.

On the other hand, it is open to you “to have the opportunity to explain that you will pay a fee that will not be charged more than the salary coefficient and that you will not be able to pay the tariffs that will pay more than 80% of the coefficient.” The project is better than the one, which is the most favorable in the country.

Cover of the Americas

On the other hand, there was a meeting with the German agency DW, the president Fernández said that he was a participant in the Cumbre de las Américas, which will be realized in Los Angeles, United States, but will open the door to the organizers. pide (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador, que invite a todos los países de América Latina “, esto es que incluyan a Cuba, Venezuela y Nicaragua.

The words of Fernandez, in the differences of Mexico, are the cause of the fireplace of López Obrador, who did not assist in the North American decision of not inviting the three states: “We respect the independence of our people; The meeting of the people of the night? ¿Va a ser nada más el discurso? ¿Quiénes somos nosotros para llamar ‘matones, torturadores, represores’ a unos y no a otros? Si aquí ya nos consideramos jueces supremos, ¿Nosotros vamos a decidir sober los demás? ¿Con qué derecho? “, hapía dicho López Obrador.


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