Alberto Fernández confirms that he is in the Cumbre de las Américas, but he knows that all countries are invited

Alberto Fernández and Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Alberto Fernández and Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Alberto Fernández se lineó con su par de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, y pidó que todos los países de América Latina sean invitados a la Cumbre de las Amércias que se llevará a cabo en Los Ángeles en junio. Without embargo, the Argentine president confirmed that he was assisting the reunionthe difference of being Mexican, which I anticipate that I will not present as a form of protest for the suspense of the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“I thought I was in the Cumbre de las Américas, but I was the organizer of the idea that AMLO: to invite all the countries of Latin America”sentence Fernández in dialogue with the canal Deutsche Welle (DW) in Spanish.

Alberto Fernández confirmed that he is in the Cumbre de las Américas en Los Ángeles.

López Obrador was very strong against the EU for its exclusive decision on these three states: “No que no quiera. What do we want? ¿Let’s respect the independence of the people of no; the collection of the people of no? Do you have more of a discourse? ¿Quiénes somos nosotros para llamar ‘matones, torturadores, represores’ a unos y no a otros? If we consider our supervised games, can we decide on our own? ¿Con qué derecho? ”.

La Cumbre de las Américas is a unique region that brings together the leaders of the countries of the Americas of the North, Sur, Central and Caribbean. From the Mexican president’s insistence on “avoiding confrontation” and, in the middle of the dialogue, “exposing and resolving differences”.

Dictators Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Diaz-Canel invited to the Cumbre de las Américas en Los Ángeles (EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa)
Dictators Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Diaz-Canel invited to the Cumbre de las Américas en Los Ángeles (EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa)

The pesar de esto, el gobierno de Joe Biden post change: “Cuba, Nicaragua and the region of (Nicolas) Maduro I do not respect the democratic map of the Americas and for the sake of the fact that I am waiting for your presence ”announcing the Undersecretary of State for Latin America and the Caribbean, Brian Nicholsin an interview with Cadena NTN24.

At the meeting of the interviewer with the German cadence, Alberto Fernández made a reference to the reunions with the local authorities that you can do with possible commercial contracts: “Vine a Europa con dos objetivos: decir que Argentina está en condiciones privilegiadas para ofrecer alimentos y energía. We want Europe to help us explore the second reserve of gas in the conventional world and to provide gas in Europe, which is necessary. My plan is preoccupation with war, which is affecting our countries on the continent of fashion very north ”.

And aggregate: “It simply came to our notice then. I am an Argentine European. Creo que América Latina tiene que tener un vinculo mayor con Europa. If we believe we will be able to protect the world from bipolar in the EU and China ”.

Alberto Fernández junto Olaf-Scholz, canciller alemán
Alberto Fernández junto Olaf-Scholz, canciller alemán

About this, admiration that Argentina has a better win with Europe that with China because of the Asian country “Es una gran potencia, pero no tiene lazos culturales fuertes e istorija con América Latina”. ”It is a country that is welcoming and welcome, but the truth is that Europe has signs that it is in Latin America. In Argentina we have companies that are more than 100 years old that are European. This is a cultural lesson that we should be able to favor and facilitate in Europe in Latin America, ”he said.

Además, said in a speech about the words that Argentina is at the entrance of Russia to Latin America: “Visit Putin at a time when war does not exist. I do not have a seignio niguna cierta de que iba a ocurrir el avance sangriento que Rusia generó. When he spoke at the entrance to Russia, he lived in Russia for a moment in Latin America with the Sputnik administration. Eso le abrija a Rusia muchas posibilidades de entrar a América Latina. I have established the importance of the fact that Russia in terms of trade can have in Argentina a port of entry. I have a lot to say that the present is poison and that we are evident in the pandemic that we live morally and ethically, but we will not be able to endure a violent act or a war of these characteristics ”.

Without embargo, he insisted that the economic sanctions on Russia were prejudicial to the rest of the world: “Russia will fall, but the fall will fall all over the world. Hay a sinfín de petroleo, gas y trigo que deja de llegar al mundo. We have a Latin American zone that, with the climate change, he converts in dessert zones that are productive. Let’s take into account the security and food security of many countries ”.

The President is located in Germany and near the destination of France
The President is located in Germany and near the destination of France

On the other side of the report, as a successor to the official opinion, the President referred to the internal affairs of the Governor’s Office and its possible activities: “I am not perceived as a part of my electorate, but I think that something is happening. I think that the pandemic affected the Argentine society, which lived in a moment of enormous crisis. Inflation was at 54% when it was. The pandemic affected many human beings who lost their work and serious people. The cause of the perception of the people is not for the sake of the pandemic ”.

And he added: “The votes for my election are in Argentina. The problem is that the show is just like Argentina in this place. I found a few men in the numbers that were very manipulated. I have a solo problem that I want to play, a lens that is necessary for the neoliberalism to go on in Argentina because it is Macri and he is my great adversary and friend ”.

About the final, defending the quota of subsidies that is appealing to Martín Guzmán: “Son los sektores más altos. What we are planning is that Argentina will be subsidiary to the most important sectors. Subsidy to Argentina at 10% more rico and we plan to plant that we are not just. That 10% of the votes in the Macri are possible, are the most important sectors and benefited from the concentration of interest in the Macri era ”.


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