Airbnb: The three changes to make reservations in the whole world

Airbnb logo.  (photo: GitHub)
Airbnb logo. (photo: GitHub)

Tras la pandemia las holiday greetings and seed finishes he wants to return to normal, without embargo, as he hopes to have a few years, the platform adapts and announces New form of search destinationscomo Combined and AirCover equipment to help your friends find out hospedaje ideal.

The platform platform that is a list for a “new form of travel”, tras find out that in 2022 the personal adapters of new forms of hacerlo. For example, los national routes represent more of the night of reservations in the first trimester of this year, superando los niveles de la misma temporada del 2019.

Por otro lado, los international travel poco a poco han vuelto a los niveles previos de la pandemia y continúan en crecimiento, en comparación con el 2021. Además, se prevé que en las próximas vacaciones de verano 9 of each 10 active Airbnb travel activitieslie to a destination.

(Photos: Airbnb)
(Photos: Airbnb)

Airbnb dijo agregó ‘Una nueva forma de buscar’ con la finalidad de que los viajeros find millions of options in space that you can’t knowya que por lo general sólo acuden a unac cuentas ciudades, olvidando que en la plataforma hay hospedaje en miles de pueblos y lugares nuevos.

In this fashion, when the users enter the platform, There are 56 categorías que organizat los espacios según su estilo, location or proximity to a travel activity. When you search for a destination, your results are also organized by categories that are relevant to this site in particular.

Esas 56 categories include more than 4 million spaces. The categories help to organize the places for the users to find out the other fashion that you have before the huchoie hecho. Además de hacer quo conozcan más opciones, busca ayudar a alivianar el exceso de turismo en algunas zonas y redistribuir los viajes.

(Photo: Airbnb)
(Photo: Airbnb)

The Airbn señalan dates that the reservations in different places have been experimented with, in the interests of the huespedes, in particular: the small houses he has alcanzado un aumento del 173%, los graneros, 160%, los domos, 134% y las casas en los arboles 116 per ciento.

With the pandemic, many of us have the opportunity to work more haphazardly than ever, so we live for a period of time in a city and a place other than our professional life.

The registries indicate that the places on the beach are located at the height of the first trimester of 2022, alcanzando el double of reservations in comparison with the first trimester of 2019. Every day for a week or so. Combined stations divide a trip between the two spaces.

(Photo: Airbnb)
(Photo: Airbnb)

With this new tool, the locksmiths will be able to take care of a 40% more space when they are looking for more places. Search for a specific destination, Stations Combined machines automatically in the search results. Also available within 14 categories, which include Camping, National Parks, Esquí and Surf, to inspire the guests to quit two destinations as part of a trip long.

See you amplia protection of roads that includes free form to select space on the platform. It is considered for the users who have used the route through the pandemic, and cover it four protections when you reserve a space.

Tender: Greserve protection guarantee; guarantee of alternative alternative; guarantee of fidelity to the advertisement; 24-hour protection line. This function is provided by a team of agents with special capacities to help with the ultimate assistance. I also played 24-hour security line in 16 idioms.


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