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The comedy award
The premium comedy “Hacks” is recommended for the second time. (HBO Max)

This week has new and good titles on the streaming platforms. Además de duros documentary, como Our Father (Netflix) y Justice for Malik Oussekine (Star +) o la primera temporada de One Piece (HBO Max), the anime based on the iconic manga de Eiichiro Oda, te esperan muchas series y películas para pasar un buen sábado o domingo a solas o con tu tu compañía favorita. Including the domingo 15 llega un estreno muy esperado. We offer you a small selection of titles for those who want. Romance, true crimefantasía, comedia, cine catastrophe: hay de todo para que elijas.

[Más series y películas que te recomendamos en Qué puedo ver]

The wife of the traveler in time 04.30 The Time Traveler’s Wife – HBO Max (domingo 15 de mayo)

Theo James and Rose Leslie are the protagonist of this love story that literally, literally, against the whims of time. (HBO Max)

Henry DeTamble offers a genetic alteration that will make him travel in the time of improvised manner. Claire Abshire is the great love of life, she said she said of all the lives that spread in the distant ages. “We meet for casualness,” says Clare. “In the Order Equivocated.”

This romantic romance is based on the best seller The wife of the traveler in timede la estadounidense Audrey Niffeneggerthat she had to go to the cinema in 2009 as I love you forevercon Eric Bana y Rachel McAdams. Now Steven Moffat (Sherlock) adapted to the novella as a limited series y David Nutter (Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers) the conductor.

Theo James y Rose Leslie interpretan a Henry y Claire, quienes intentan vivir su amor mientras enfrentan un adversario tan poderoso como el tiempo. El desaparece cada tanto y queda expuesto a peligros —aparece en una vía ferroviaria, mientras un tren se acerca, o frente a un grupo de policías en plena persecución armada— o se encuentra con ella fuera del orden de su vida: en un viaje, for example, when I heard it was a girl.

The Lincoln Lawyer – Netflix

The Mexican Manuel García-Rulfo is developing an impressive career in Hollywood, and with “El abogado del Lincoln” da otro gran paso. (Netflix)

Manuel García-Rulfo protagoniza esta nueva serie basada en la exitosa saga de novelas de Michael Connelly, who is also an executive producer. The Mexican interpreter, Mickey Haller, is an idealist who wants to find the right to track his car — the Lincoln brand, and the title — and present a collection of criminal cases.

The 10 episodes of the first timing of the games that he found in the second book of Connelly with this iconoclastic character: The Brass Verdict. The guide was written by David E. Kelleyconocido por Big Little Lieswho also realized the production.

In the last times García-Rulfo was converted into one of the most Latin-speaking actors in Hollywood: working with Ryan Reynolds (6 Underground), Benicio del Toro 04.30 Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Denzel Washington (The Magnificent Seven), Tom Hanks (Greyhound) y Penelope Cruz (Murder on the Orient Express). With Mickey Haller’s interpretation of another important step in his career.

The Crust – Disney +

Ocho adolescent cruzan a la fantasía in a series that combines the reality show with the fantasy adventure. (Disney Plus)

A real competence in a world of fantasy: this is the new generation that explores the eyes of adolescents who want to see Los Paladines in this limited series. The organizers of The Lord of the Annals will be able to take an epic adventure in which the girls abandoned the reality of advancing in Everealm, a king with his castles, realized and a collection of mystical creations, in addition to a demonic hector. of care.

Your mission consists in a series of cruises that, to keep you going, allow you to save money and help you buy an old profession. On the contrary, Everealm succumbed to mal.

Discover Disney +, it clicks here

With an original aesthetic, this adventure that combines reality show with fiction fiction is protagonized by Emily Gateley, Braeden de la Garza, Racquel Jean-Louis, Elliott Ross, Harry Aspinwall, Mel Mehrabian, Kerwin Thompson and Nandi Chapman. Among the producers are Jane Fleming, Mark Ordesky, Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster, Michael Williams and Rob Eric.

HacksTemporada 2 – HBO Max

The pairing of Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder regress in this comedy won the three Emmy Awards. (HBO Max)

This is a series of Emmy awards in the categories of Mejor Actriz, Mejor Guión and Mejor Direction with Jean Smart in the paper by Deborah Vance, a comedian who doesn’t want to spend time aspiring and terminating with a secondary show in Las Vegas, y Hannah Einbinderla joven guionista Ava que, aunque no podría ser más opuesta, tiene que escribir sus rutinas.

The place of a disastrous house, the two women lograron a treaty, which is not the place to be in the neighborhood, but I have a pacific convention in which humor is alternated with confessions. This is the second time Deborah has sold and left with her guinea fowl, but the fireplace offers a relationship between them.

Recreation, smart and single binder, Christopher McDonald, Kaitlin Olson, Paul W. Downs, Poppy Liu, Rose Abdoo, Mark Indelicato, Meg Stalter, Angela E. Gibbs, Luenell, Johnny Sibilly, Joe Mande, Ally Maki y Lorenza Izzo. Y suman al elenco Martha Kelly (Euphoria), Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird) y Ming-Na Wen (The Mandalorian).

42 days in obscurity – Netflix

“42 days in obscurity” is based on a controversial case in Chile in 2010: the desapartion of Viviana Haeger. (Netflix)

This is a limited series, the first thing that will happen in Chile for the platform, fictionalize a real house: the departure of Viviana Haeger in Puerto Varas in 2010. Aline Küppenheim interpreted by Verónica Montes, a woman who escaped mysteriously. Claudia Di Girolamo es su hermana Cecilia, quien emprende una búsqueda desseperada, que pronto se convierte en una pesadilla atroz.

The story, the company of Juan de Dios Larraín y Pablo Larraínestuvo a cargo de la produkción de esta serie basada en You know who: You know about Viviana Haeger’s homicidebook of Rodrigo Fluxá. Under the direction of Claudia Huaiquimilla y Gaspar Antillo currently also Gloria Münchmeyer, Pablo Macaya, Daniel Alcaíno, Amparo Noguera, Néstor Cantillana, Claudio Arrendondo y Julia Lubbert.

The hijas of Haeger, Vivian and Susan, are about the realization of this series that aborda uno de los casos mál polemicos de la historia reciente chilena. The corpse of the Haeger company was located on the 42nd floor of the house where the esposo, the engineer Jaime Anguita, denounced. Tras una detención de dos años, Anguita resultó exonerado por falta de pruebas. Su exempleado José Pérez Mancilla fue el único quedó detenido, luego de confesar haber cometido el obsecinato por encargo de Anguita.

Dollfacesecond time – Star +

Kat Dennings es Jules, the young protagonist of “Dollface”, will be released in the next season. (Star Plus)

This is the second time with which the juvenile comedy, Jules (Kat Dennings) present a moment of great symbolic impact: a sum of 30 years. In a principle of his sales with disillusionment; but together with the group of friends he discovered that the definitive entry in the adult is also an opportunity to reclaim the real estate with more security and freedom.

With a feminine empodemancy message, this series is created by the writer and producer Jordan Weiss vuelve a reunir a Brenda Song (Hotel dulce hotel) like Madison, Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) like Stella y Esther Povitsky like Izzy.

Write in Star +, here it is

Also, first time is available on the platform, as you can see the complete story.

Moonfall – Prime Video

Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley play the protagonist of “Moonfall”, by Roland Emmerich, which is about to stream. (Prime Video)

For months I have been in movies, waiting for a new movie Roland Emmerich (Día de la Independencia, El día después de manana, Godzilla) streaming. With its habitual combination of catastrophe, action and science fiction, the director of the plant that meets Luna will be able to save his life by sending a mysterious fire.

In 2021 something went wrong in a mission that Jocinda Fowler (Halle BerryOscar por Monster’s Ball) and Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson, The night of the demon) realizaban para reparar un satellite. Fowler quedó inconsciente apenas commenzó el ataque de algo que parecía una miriada de nanobots; she and Harper will be the only ones to do so.

In 2032, the mystery entity that attacked him will be able to manifest. When you call the phone about Tierra, you will receive an alert: Luna will be able to watch the orbit and in some places affect the planet. With humanity on the edge of annihilation, Fowler has an idea to save the planet. But Harper, who was in despair, and the sympathetic creator of KC Houseman’s conspiracy theories (John Bradley, Game of Thrones) is disputing to prestarle attención.


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